On The Scene: Temple 07-07-2012


Yeah, remember when I said I wanted mellow – well that idea was soon thrown at the window as I headed to Temple knowing full well that I was gonna be swigging vodka and rocking out with Mongolian punk animals Mohanik – I made it just in time, not unlike last time at D-22, to see the place bumping and grinding with enthusiastic music lovers and drunken lovable buffoons.

If they’re any fault to Temple its that when it gets rowdy it gets rowdy – and it can became a circus at front stage, for better or worse, better for our dancing shoes but perhaps problematic when sound starts bouncing everywhere and any little glitch can become difficult to handle amidst all the fun (though Cedric was pretty quick on his feet up there).


But man, Mohanik fitted right in tonight at Temple…it’s some of the most upbeat yet at the same time hardcore rock out there. Whether they’re howling like wolves at the microphone, or swaying back and forth between the crowd, these guys were having a blast in their new habitat.

They really throw the crowd into a trance like state as the vodka was getting passed around, and dusters were being wielded like batons. If Beijing knows what good for them, they’ll bring these boys back down here right soon – I’m curious to see the new asshole they would give Dos Kolegas if given the opportunity. Onwards Mohanik!!

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