On The Scene: Old What? Bar 30-06-2012


There’s never quite like having a policeman curiously peer out his window as he slowly passes by the Old What? Bar, the skanky hole in the wall that resides next to where countless emperors reigned, and seeing a bunch of skinheads hoofing and puffing just meters away – I think everyone’s thought was the same – just keep on driving pal, you don’t even want to know.  So another slow Saturday night, I found my lazy ass at the Old What? Bar to sweat it out among the punks and skins with Misandao on musical duties. Well it started off slow at least.

Misandao have been kicking it in Beijing for over a decade, being Beijing’s first and foremost Oi! Band. And Oi!ing there was…

They got the attitude – that’s for sure. Contempt, angry, spit, and sloppiness. All the ingredients. Must admit, our lead singer here was looking mighty beat, sweating from every pore of his body, fumbling about. Let’s just say that by the end of it, the they was mumbling through their songs, which actually might have been the point…my foundation for Oi! Oi! music is lacking, so I’m keep my mouth shut for now…enjoy!

I’d say the night was stolen by this Michael Jackson impersonator who rolled up outside with his stereo and proceeded to dance to just about every MJ song I could think of…this cat was on fire!

Only in Beijing people

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