On The Scene: Mao Livehouse 12-10-2013


As I stated last week, there’s nothing remarkable about Casino Demon’s music – it doesn’t push any boundaries, it’s not particularly imaginative – but damn does it go down easy. Not the finest praise, but truth be told, Casino Demon are slowly becoming one of my favorite bands in Beijing, and though there’s a taint of guilt in my love for them, there’s no denying they know how to throw down the gauntlet come game time.

Rolling solo for fifty minutes at Mao Livehouse for their EP relesase, Do You Still Love?, the indie rock outfit once again proved that yes, I do indeed still love.

Simple, melodic, unswerving, and genuine, their sound simply agrees with what my ears crave. After last years’ Have You Ever Seen The Stars? , their latest release, Do You Still Love?, continues their trend of creating ridiculously catchy singles that have nothing to prove other than to get your feet tapping.

It’s unapologetic in its earnestness – there are no big numbers, big solos, or big riffs going on here. What you have instead is everyone member at the top of their game and having a ball giving the audience what they want. Heck, even amidst all the broken lyrical English (which in my opinion just adds a whole other dimension of charm to a lot chinese bands’ lyrics) there’s no refuting the power of ‘Childhood’ in all it’s sappy, Billy Joel-esque ballad climaxing.

I can’t help it. Casino Demon aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but man do they know how to craft out a finely tuned piece of indie pop. Call them my comfort food.

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