On The Scene: CNHC Hardcore Festival 2012


What a blast of fresh air that was! After kicking myself the weeks prior for seeing the same bands (which I do dearly love) over and over again, the CNHC Hardcore Festival was exactly what the doctor ordered. Four hours of reckless abandon, head banging, homemade rum, and the friendliest and rowdiest crowd this side of town, and I was wide-eyed and open. Sporting my ‘Hard Player’ oversized cap (which magically appeared in my hands – kudos, It Never Happened), and sweating through all my pours logic was left at the front door tonight. Hardcore isn’t the most subtle music – it’s in your face and you best go along for the ride.


It seems I missed out on the Shanghaiers who I were told did the festival justice, catching xitneverhappendx as they got jurassic on the audience.

Seriously, this guy sounds like some prehistoric pterodactyl up on stage. It’s a little off-putting, especially since this I was still warming up to the atmosphere of Mao, but like I said might as well jump onboard.


Nasty Ray is someone I’ve been dying to see since my brief viewing of his show back in December. Our man does not disappoint. The respect he has for the greats is apparent from the getgo – old school rap is in the boy’s blood, and that I can get behind.

He doesn’t try to take the easy way out – no giant hooks, no backing ladies, or even rapid-fire exchanges. Just pure hip-hop. This is where I wish most that my Chinese was anything but basic. Say ooohhhhhhhhh.

Return The Truth came out with guns a blazing – with our preacher, DJ throwing down the gospel, it’s hard not to get rallied up.

Gotta love the enthusiasm up there – I’m starting to think hardcore is the equivalent to attending an evangelic church, expect instead of speaking in tongues, I’m running around in circles. Though I suppose these boys have a lot more to say than those hacks.

Ok, at this point, the camera is my nemesis. How I’ve managed to keep my composure this long is beyond me cause when you have Unregenerate Blood spilling blood on the stage it’s hard not to get caught up in the heat of the moment.

These guys haven’t aged a bit since I last saw them – they’re a triathlon of aerobics, some sexy guitar work, and straight up having balls the size of melons being swung around.

If shit ever goes down in China, I want UB rallying up the people.


Speaking of balls (as is often the case), King Lychee capped off then night to a Mao full of half wired half exhausted hardcore fans – did that stop them – nope. A force of nature if you will – crisp, raw, and fuming with energy – Lychee have been around the block more than once and it shows.

Frontman Riz is absolutely an animal on stage as you spits hellfire without ever missing a beat. And these are some damn catchy songs I might add. The crowd lapped it up.

At the end of the night though, it was about the high, that feeling of letting it all out – of seeing my buddy moshing with a fucking cane, to having someone bash me in the skull only to joust me up moments later – it’s a wave of emotion – and you realize you’re apart of something bigger. Hell, these hardcore guys might seriously be onto something here.

Be sure to check out some more videos below and stay tuned for some better higher res pictures courtesy of the man with the cane.

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