NWR Press Release: Round Eye/Sierra Leon Split

Lock the door, hid your newborns, cause the Nasty Wizard Kult is at it again for their latest piece of nasty sorcery – a global partnership (or epic battle depending on how destructive you’re feeling) between two rip roaring rockers who leave nothing on the floor. In the red corner you’re got Shanghai wombats Round Eye, whose shameless, reckless, and downright infectious blend of sax-infused doo-wop and renegade punk get a carney free jazz makeover – a drug-fueled madhouse of mirrors. In the green (white and red) corner presides Sierra León, an up and coming force of nature out of Tepic, Mexico, whose hard hitting, progressive rock and roll with a taste of just about everything from electronica to stoner rock, lays to waste señiores and señoritas alike. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Grab the limited cassette this Friday, December 4th at Temple as Round Eye makes the trip up from Shanghai. Support from fellow Shanghai punk outfit Zilu, Motorbike Girls, and Noise Arcade. Free


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