New Releases: yourboyfriendsucks!, The Death Narcissists, Les Enfants Terribles, Zhang Shouwang x Kid Millions



Dream pop that slays the heart, abrasive and jagged stoner rock, a compilation of some of the experimental scenes hottest commodities, and a New York City drummer virtuoso teams up with one of Beijing\’s highest regarded indie rockers – it\’s our latest look at the what\’s hitting the bandcamp shelves this season including fresh releases from yourboyfriendsucks!, The Death Narcissists, Zhang Shouwang x Kid Millions, and the first noise compilation from Shanghai based Bipolar Records. Get some.

Guangzhou noise pop outfit yourboyfriendsucks! – one of southern China’s most prominent fixtures of the DIY scene – swing for the fences on their debut EP, Episode 01, released on newly formed Qii Snacks Records. Offering up six bewitching dream pop singles (including a MBV cover) sung in Chinese, English, and even German, it’s an intoxicating mix of shoegaze reverb tones and indie pop bliss that simply kills it for me. An authenticity, a lo-fi earnestness that’s prevalent throughout that tugs on those heartstrings whilst having you bop your head in delight. One of the best surprises of the year. Rip into it over on Qii Snacks’ bandcamp.

Stoner and garage rock and roll loving from Beijing based trio The Death Narcissists on their wildly entertaining debut EP – CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT! The band, whose members are in various projects about town, let it all rip on the eight track punk escapade – an eruption of ramped up aggression and deafening energy, that even at it’s most lethal and razor-edged, never loses sight of its melodic aspirations or dare I say, its pop sensibilities. Big brash and punk as all hell, The Death Narcs mean business. Dig into the content over on their bandcamp.

Shanghai based experimental label Bipolar Records, has put together a down and dirty compilation of the Chinese experimental scene with their latest release – Les Enfants Terribles. Featuring a slew of artists including the infamous Torturing Nurse, as well as other regular noisemakers Apparatus 1, Xu Cheng, Mai Mai, Dee, Aming Liang, Noise Arcade, Noise666, Acid, and Zhu Song Jie, it’s an epic, noisy, and at times unsettling collection of tracks as acts as fine entry point into Shanghai and Beijing’s experimental scene. Bandcamp.

Beijing based vinyl label Genjing Records has been quiet as of late, but here’s one that snuck under my radar – a LP split between New York percussion maestro Kid Millions and Beijing native guitarist Zhang Shouwang (of Carsick Cars and white +) which finds the two artists playing off one another for twenty minutes straight crisscrossing melodies, pulsating energy, circuit breaking and delivering some of that good old fashion noise all the hip kids in Gulou have come to love. A bit sad I’d have to flip the wax and break up the flow of this monster jam, but alas, it looks like the vinyl hasn’t shipped in yet, so lets those ears fry on the Kid Millions & Zhang Shou Wang bandcamp page till then.


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