New Releases: Gooooose, Mixed Impurities, Yue Xuan

Interplanetary electronica from Shanghai, old school hip hop outta Kunming, and a pianist’s latest remix album – here’s the latest from Gooooose, Mixed Impurities, and Yue Xuan.


Goooose – They

Gooooose – aka Han Han from Duck Fight Goose – releases his first solo album, They, off of D Force Records. Using an 11-track synthesizer Han Han has created an album that immerses you in the endless vast of space, delicately plucking sounds out of the air, stumbling into melodies and twisting rhythms with an exploratory earnestness. It’s the climax of Close Encounters of the Third King, with spurts of Tim Hecker ambience, Philip Glass orchestry, and a whole other cast of influences, and a album that’s willing to mix it up and go off the beaten path. It’s almost as if the entire album was made by an artificial intelligence or some otherworldly life force that becomes more and more self aware over the course of each track. Absorbing stuff.




Mixed Impurities 混合杂质 – City Walker

Kunming hip hop crew Mixed Impuriities made up rappers DFM, Wusi San, Dizkar, and Big Chachi, drop their second EP of the year with City Walker, an old school jazzy throwback that puts its ragtam team of rap avengers front and center, it’s a modest humbled piece of work whose lo-fi turntable 90s production only adds to its charm. With trap and more bombastic stylings of rap leading the charge its refreshing to hear hip hop that focuses on mood, ambiance, and flow, which these cats have in spades.




Yue Xuan 岳璇 – Masse Remix

Earlier this summer composer, pianist, and soundtrack artist Yue Xuan made good on her EP Masse – three tracks of hauntingly gorgeous piano works viewed as ‘a calm answer to the mixed-up world’. And like with the artist’s previous release, a remix has emerged featuring staggeringly beautiful and ambitious interpretations of the tracks found with the EP. The remixes are provided by Beijing based electronic producers iimmune and Far Infinity (of the Prajnasonic label), and the Chengdu based Cvalda. Dark, intoxicating, and engaging, it’s a match made in heaven. Keep em coming.   




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