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mafmadmaf – B.T.R. [By Th(._.) River]

A tribute to the trail-blazing brilliance of Brian Eno, Guangzhou-based sound artist mafmadmaf, reinterprets ‘By The River’ with a low-key ambient masterpiece – a sprawling thirty-plus minute long track that gives the artist’s modular synthesizer the perfect outlet to ‘express its vitality’ alongside guitar samples (recorded by Li Xin) and other richly textural touches. Wonderfully lavish and delicately plump, it’s a treat to get lost in – and one that Eno would most definitely be proud of. 

广州的声音艺术家 mafmadmaf 向 Brian Eno 辉煌开拓的一次致敬,他用一首低调的氛围杰作重新诠释了 “By The River”——这首长达三十多分钟的曲目给了艺术家的模块合成器提供一个完美的出口,让它与吉他采样(由李鑫录制)和其他丰富的纹理触感一起 “表达其活力”。奇妙的奢华和微妙的饱满交错,这是一种让人迷失的享受——这也是 Eno 最引以为豪的地方。

Faithfull – Rare Vision

Synth funk for the soul – Faithfull combines the earthbound textures of the Yangtze River with the glistening California ocean monsoon on Rare Vision, out on Eating Music. A contemporary spin on the synth-heavy retro sound of the 80s, the Shanghai producer adds a sly jazzy electron4ic layering to the proceedings – a clear-eyed yet elastic jam session that feels like the soundtrack to a futuristic sunbaked beach resort. Slick, cozy, and a bubbly good time. 

Synth funk for the soul —— Faithfull在宜听音乐发行的《Rare Vision》中结合了长江三角洲的蒸腾水汽和加州的海洋季风。这个上海制作人在八十年代合成器的重度复古音效基础上进行了现代处理,在过程中加入了一层灵动的爵士电子 ,一个十分清晰但又有弹性的即兴桥段,感觉像是未来主义下的阳光海滩度假村的配乐。华丽、舒适,是一段令人愉悦的好时光。

Zhu Wenbo, Yan Jun, Jeff Surak – bluescreen electronics 03-05

Shanghai-based label focusing on electronics, situational and other non-genre works, bluescreen’s mottos is clear as day in their recent three-way split between Beijing experimental mainstays Zhu Wenbo (of Zoomin’ Night) and Yan Jun (of Subjam) and Washington D.C based experimenter Jeff Surak. Released as a goody bag of three limited edition lathe cuts and three cassettes – it’s a sprawling array of sound art – covering piercing feedback to conceptual field recordings (ex: contact mics under chair) to good ol’ fashion drone. For you experimental music fans out there – keep your eyes on bluescreen. 

bluescreen是一个专注于电子、情景和其他非传统流派作品的上海厂牌。在最近由北京的实验主将朱文波(Zoomin’ Night)和颜峻(Subjam)以及华盛顿特区的实验者Jeff Surak组成的三人小组中,bluescreen 的口号清晰可见。以三张限量 lather cut 和三张磁带的形式发行:这是一个相当庞大的声音艺术阵列:涵盖了刺耳的反馈、概念性的实地录音(例如:椅子下的接触式麦克风)以及不错的老派嗡鸣。实验乐迷们,请继续关注bluescreen。

DJ Boring – Quarantine Beats Tap

Beijing-based beatsmith and producer DJ Boring brings his eclectic tastes to fruition on his latest release Quarantine Beats Tape. Slicing, reappropriating, and deconstructing everything from rock, hip-hop, dance-punk and funk, to space disco, German techno, club and house music, there’s an ‘anything goes’ house party mentality to the beats at hand, one that surprises at every corner. And with a whopping 21 tracks to sift through, you’re bound to find something that matches your current mood. 

来自北京的 beatmith 和制作人DJ Boring在他最新发行的Quarantine Beats Tape中带来了他不拘一格的品味。从摇滚、hip-hop、dance-punk和funk,到space disco、German techno、club和house音乐,他都进行了切分、再利用和解构,手头的节奏有一种 “无所不能 “的house party心态,每个角落都有惊喜。由于有多达21首曲目可供选择,你一定会找到符合你当前心情的曲目。

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