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Budding computer and electronic music label SOTI, whose goal is ‘connecting music with the spirit of borderlessness’ via collecting electronic sounds worldwide, return with their latest sonic exploration. Featuring a wide array of acts from China and South Africa with a penchant for the more transformative aspects of the genre – sprawling, ambient-heavy, rich in its detail, and wholly immersive. The featured acts include Xiin, Yang Tao, Yu Hein, Xi Chenchen (Voision Xi), Broken Thoughts, Sun Dawei, UNTECHCIRCLE, Gemini Yu, Paz Shina, Chris Timm, jan Silen, and Cci. Quite the collection. 

新兴的电脑音乐和电子音乐厂牌 SOTI,其目标是通过收集世界各地的电子之声,”将音乐与无边界的精神联系起来”,这次他们带着最新的声音探索回来了。与从中国到南非的众多表演者合作,他们偏爱更具变革性的风格:蔓延铺陈、氛围浓厚、细节丰富、令人完全沉浸其中。这些音乐人包括 Xiin、Yang Tao、Yu Hein、Xi Chenchen(Voision Xi)、Broken Thoughts、Sun Dawei、UNTECHCIRCLE、Gemini Yu、Paz Shina、Chris Timm、Jan Silen 和 Cci,这是一个相当大的集合。

Gully Compilation 001

Rising electronic music label Gully Riddim, who mobilize in the dubstep and bass scene gather some of the genre’s finest for their first-ever compilation. An assortment of China’s best bass producers including Radiax, Zean, LJC, and 3ASiC who join hands with some of the scene’s fresher talent including G94, Noia, Diipset, and Naaah (last seen at the Push & Pull parties circa Shelter), Japanese Grime MC Pakin and the SVBKVLT producer Swimful. Ricocheting with ballistic conviction from Dubstep to UK Drill, from Grime to UK Wave, it’s a pulsating mix tailor-made to cook up dance floors. 

新兴的电子音乐厂牌 Gully Riddim,在 dubstep 和 bass 场景中聚集了一些该类型里最好的音乐人,参与到他们的第一个合辑中。中国最好的 bass 制作人(包括 Radiax、Zean、LJC 和 3ASiC)与现场的一些新人天才们携手合作,其中有 G94、Noia、Diipset 和Naaah(最后一次看到他是在 Shelter 的 Push & Pull 派对上),日本的 Grime MC Pakin 和 SVBKVLT 的制作人 Swimful。从 Dubstep 到 UK Drill,从 Grime 到 UK Wave,这是为舞池量身定做的脉冲式混音。

Mintone Records Summer Special Mini Album: Fizz! 明堂夏日特辑:嗞~

Chengdu-based alternative hip hop label Mintone captures the last rays of sunlight the summer has to offer with their bubbly and fresh new compilation Fizz!. Showcasing the labels ever-growing roster – including Shanghai producer MIIIA, Los Angeles-based rapper Lu1, rapper DOLLARZOO, producer Dizkar and more, it exudes a breezy, late afternoon attitude, with elements of nu jazz, funk and hip-hop taking on new shapes and forms and carving out a humble new abode. 

位于成都的另类嘻哈厂牌明堂用他们清新明快的新专辑《嗞~》抓住了夏天的最后一缕阳光。这张专辑展示了厂牌不断增长的名册:包括上海的制作人 MIIIA、洛杉矶的说唱歌手 Lu1、说唱歌手 DOLLARZOO、制作人 Dizkar 等,它展现出一种傍晚清风一般的姿态,新爵士、放克和嘻哈的元素以新的形状和形式出现,刻画出一个谦逊的新住所。

Love Bang 002: Energy | 能量

Shanghai promoters and party collective Love Bang lets loose their second compilation release – Energy – a hopped-up dizzying concoction of footwork, bass, club trax, and ‘Chicago House on a Gamecube’ – energy-depleting genres cooked up by an elastic gang of multi-national members of the Shanghai electronic music scene including Heatwolves, Graphic Violence, Sierra Lima, Gouachi, Luxixi, Vorbi, and MMQ – as well as frequent dancefloor ruffians such as Beijing-based Looongish Cat and Nanjing frequenter 3ASiC. As always – there’s an animated allure to the brazen, ornamental world they’ve created – defiant in its bubbly charm. 

上海的推广者和派对团体 Love Bang 放出了他们的第二张合辑《Energy》,一个高高跃起令人头晕目眩的混合体,从 footwork, bass, club trax 到  ‘Chicago House on a Gamecube’ ,这些高能耗的音乐流派,由多国成员组成的松散组合所炮制,他们处在上海的电子音乐场景之中,包括 Heatwolves、Graphic Violence、Sierra Lima、Luxixi、Gouachi、Vorbi 和 MMQ,以及经常在舞池中出现的“混混”们,如北京的 Looongish Cat和 3ASiC。像往常一样,他们创造的厚颜无耻的、装饰性的世界有一种生动的诱惑力,一种在气泡魅力中的挑衅。

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