New Music: Fishdoll, Sylvian Wang, The White Paper

Fishdoll – Moonsense 月感

The hypnotic and offbeat electro-soul singer-songwriter and producer Fishdoll returns with her sophomore release Moonsense – a sensual, open-hearted embrace of life and more importantly, the elements that surround us. While the artist is operating on a bigger canvas here, singing in Mandarin and even adding in lush orchestral arrangements, it’s her deft ability to navigate the organic world, fusing a collage of styles, instruments and sounds that spout up like blossoming buds or flora. There’s a rich textural beauty to the alchemy at play here – coming off, as the artist states, like morning dew, and swaying somewhere on the wavelength between Little Dragon, Flying Lotus and Moonchild. Wondrous. 

另类催眠电子灵魂歌手和制作人  Fishdoll  带着她的第二张专辑《月感》回归:展现了对生活,和更重要的对于我们周围种种,感性、开放的拥抱。虽然这位艺术家在更大的画布上创作,用普通话唱歌,甚至加入了丰富的管弦乐编曲,但她有着驾驭有机世界的巧手,融合了各种风格、乐器和声音的拼贴,像绽放的花蕾一样蓬勃而出。在这里,炼金术有一种丰富的质感之美:正如艺术家所说,就像清晨的露水,在 Little Dragon、Flying Lotus 和 Moonchild 之间的某个波长上摇曳。妙不可言。

Sylvian Wang 王宇波 – Spring Drown in Faded Imagination 春归无觅

Multi-talented composer, musician, and producer Sylvian Wang combines his soundtrack skillsets (which won him praise on the film Wrath of Silence) with his vast background in art and music on the conceptual Spring Drown in Faded Imagination. Breathing contemporary life into classical compositions by use of exquisite sound design and narrative spoken-word passages, it’s a beautifully realized release – capturing that often opaque and woozy magical realism that cinema excels at. Operating in fuzzy intersection of dreams, reflections, music and life, there’s a holistic allure to the melancholic undercurrent here – a soothing veneer that’s poignant and sweeping – using electronics, synthesizer, whispered vocals and piano to convey an ominous and heavy atmosphere, yet one that offers hope. 


The White Paper 白皮书 – Ash 灰烬

Beijing post punk outfit The White Paper are back and black with their newest EP Ash. The band blew up onto the scene last year after their earnest impassioned stint on the Big Band, and after a pair of golden-hued singles that hinted that the band had gone soft, they’ve gone back to their roots of sharper, percussion-heavy, synth-happy descents into madness. Subtlety has never been White Papers greatest asset – but there’s a sense of carnivalesque fun in the bombast, a propulsive intensity to hard-hitting theatrics and cryptic prophesizing as the bands reconstructs up a new world order upon the ruins of civilization. 

北京后朋乐队白皮书带着他们漆黑无比的新 EP 《灰烬》回来了。在去年他们乐夏上热情洋溢的演出之后,在一对金光闪闪的曲子暗示着乐队已经变得软弱之后,他们又回到了自己的根源:更尖锐的、重打击乐的、快乐合成器的疯狂中。微妙从来都不是白皮书最大的资产,但在夸夸其谈中,有一种狂欢式的乐趣,当乐队在文明的废墟上重建新的世界秩序时,对严厉的戏剧和隐晦的预言有种强劲的推动。

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