New Music: 6501, DeadTrees, Hualun, ARCHITECT

Hualun 花伦 – WUHAN WUHAN

Seminal instrumental rock outfit Hualun continue their new lives as electronically-hued soundtrack artists on WUHAN WUHAN, made for the documentary of the same name by Chinese director Yung Chang. A lush, immersive, emotionally ripe sound collage of drones, piano and ambient instrumental soundscapes, as the band attempts to recontextualize and reorganize their memories and feelings surrounding what the city has been through and how the shape of music has altered since then for them. An engulfing musical experience and a way to “treasure…the power and kindness of the people who were at the center of the storm.”

6501 – You Are Absolutely Correct 你说得对

Unshakeable, intense, sharp, dark, experimental, calm, introverted, direct – no matter your preference 6501 is made for impact. A rooted and swift guitar, bass, and drums trio from Xinjiang that was born out of the ashes of Puppet, one of China’s pioneering rock bands that was founded by Feruh in 1991. Seasoned pros they are and on You Are Absolutely Correct, they’ve cut out the fat – stripped their sounds down as much as possible, keeping their biting and direct vocals at bay, utilized only when necessary. Like a bare tree trunk in the wilderness or the rigid shell bars of a city overpass, there’s a rustic cutthroat edge to the band – one that only comes with age and experience.

DeadTrees – No one knows who has been to this world

The debut LP from Lanzhou blackgaze metal project DeadTrees finds the one-man-band firing on all cylinders. Seven tracks of ‘apocalyptic bleakness,’ it combines engulfing melodies of black metal, the tar-black ambience of depressive metal with the sludgy and pummeling riffs of post metal – crafting a haunting, atmospheric, and mesmerizing piece of work. Overwrought perhaps but there’s such commitment to the emotionally high stakes he that’s hard to back down from. Fans of black metal’s more sensitive side will be basking in its not so-heavenly glow.

ARCHITECT – Disappear Forever

Beijing-based experimental producer, sound artist and musician ARCHITECT (Alex Damboianu), mines static and distorted wonder on Disappear Forever. A slow-burn excavation of the hollow, crumbling man-made structures of our world, the artist plunges listeners deep into a nightmarish void – one filled with unseen Lovecraftian terrors and a palatable David Lynchian dread that spreads like wildfire across the terrain till everything in its path is scorched. Cinematic, haunting and mesmerizing, it lingers long after.

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