New Music: The 尺口MP, Heat Mark 热斑, Not In Catalog 不在话下, D-Crash

Crust punk, garage rock sweetness, laced dream pop, and experimental hijinks of the highest order — here’s some new releases to check out!

The 尺口MP – Love 愛

Fuzhou ‘leisure-pop trio’ THE 尺口MP aka The Romp released this gem of EP last week courtesy of the Guangzhou-based label Qiii Snacks Records. Ai (Love) is lo-fi jangly greatness. A bit of surf rock, some shoegaze riff raff, and plenty of dream pop reverb, it’s just my cup of tea and is sports some serious summer vibes. While tapes have already sold out you can snag available digital releases from the label’s bandcamp. Bandcamp

Heat Mark热斑 -Heartless Thing 无感人

Beijing indie rock duo Heat Mark emerge as true contenders on their debut LP Heartless Thing (无感人) – an airy, energetic, sultry eleven track album that coasts on lead singer Liu Pianpian’s raspy, airless disarming voice (which shines particularly on the Chinese-based lyrics) and guitarist Wang Zhiwne’s refined, ravenous poppy riffs that brings to mind dance punk queens of the early 2000s The Kills and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. A pleasant surprise and one that’s goes down smooth. 163 / Xiami.

Not in Catalog不在话下– self-titled

Not in Catalog, the Beijing musical trope of madmen – consisting of Zoomin Night’ head honcho Zhu Wenbo whose joined by A Bing (Boiled Hippo) on guitar, Zhao Cong (XHXXH) on bass, and Luodelai on drums for some mischievous chaos is akin to a circus act balancing multiple spinning plates at once – while it doesn’t always manage to keep them all spinning, when it does it’s a free wheeling delight. Bask in the ramshackle charm and musical tomfoolery over on their bandcamp.

D-Crash – Doom of Authority

Get your crust punk fix with Beijing’s premier ‘D-Beat’ outfit – D-Crash and their scrappy, hot-bloodied and alert EP entitled Doom of Authority. This things sounds like it was recorded in a nuclear bunker and it’s all the better for it, as the band sets loose a parade of daggers into the depravity of society, the administration, and beyond here. No one comes out clean – and that’s even before we get to the track ‘Merciful Gangbang’. Bandcamp.

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