MV Weekly: SMZB, Paskura, Wang Wen


A fitting and touching punk tribute; in the recording studio with one of China’s most sought after bands; and a lively tour video for a Russian post metal band’s first stint in China – it’s your latest medication of music videos including fresh cuts from SMZB, Wang Wen, and Paskura.


Godfathers of Chinese punk rock – SMZB – out of Wuhan – celebrate twenty years of rallying up the punks and taking stabs at the establishment with their latest MV for their song ‘Ten Thousand Ways to Rebel’. The video features several Chinese punk bands from various cities across China, all doing their best lip-syncing. More touching though is the tribute to Lei Jun from Misandao, China’s first skinhead and a leader of the punk scene for many years in Beijing, who passed away one year ago. Punk at its purest.

Dalian post rock stalwarts, Wang Wen, fresh off the release of their ninth studio album (check out our review) has released this masterfully put together promo video showing the making of the album. Gloriously edited together it gives a fascinating behind the scenes look at how the band operates. If anything, I want more. Wang Wen kick off their national tour this week, whose dates are featured at the end of the video.

Russian post metal outfit Paskura charged through China back in March and they’ve got the tour video to prove it. Extensively covered by Geek Shoot Jack, the video follows the band in their everyday encounters with Hong Kong and China, which are pretty amusing without ever falling into the clichéd culture shock route.

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