MV Weekly: SHAO, Gao Jiafeng

SHAO – Reflection Pt. 2

Electronic producer SHAO brings the goods on his MV for the slow-burning minimal techno track ‘Reflection Pt. 2’. Shot at the Rockbund Art Museum with an top of the line lighting matrix and a cast of social characters we see everyday (policeman, teacher, celebrity, fishmonger, square dancer, etc.) it’s a beautifully rendered short film. Bathed in monochrome and bouncing off the strobing lights, the people we come across everyday ‘become alienated and displayed as a visual image; reality and imagination are split up and the relationship between identity and body are re-written’. Breathtaking stuff. 

Gao Jiafeng 高嘉丰 – CloudyNa 窗外的姑娘

Self-described as a ‘karaoke/alternative pop/comedy project’ the Shanghai based musician Gao Jiafeng is a bit of a chameleon when its comes to what genre he falls in. Taking the aesthetics of cheaply made, retro-fitted online performances popular with China’s lower class, known as hanmai, the best way to describe what the multi-talented artists accomplishes with his work is to simply lay it out there. Pretty much what you’d find in a derelict KTV (or brothel depending on the time of day) in Nanchang. And yet, I dare you to try to get this catchy tune out of your head. Hat tip to! 

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