MV Weekly: Noise Arcade, Howie Lee

Two vastly different electronic producers, Noise Arcade and Howie Lee, give us a visual representation of their intricate sound this week.


Noise Arcade

The first single (if you can ever call a Noise Arcade track a single) off of the Beijing based producer new release, Burning Bridges, out now on Nasty Wizard Recordings in Beijing and Heavy Lark in Toronto, gets the music video track and if you feel like you’re watching porn circa 1999 on a scrambled cable channel you’re not alone. Though there are breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout that give you a clearer idea of what’s unfolding in front of you (imagine you’ve put that old 1930s Disney cartoon of yours through the VCR machine a hundred times too many) it’s clear this is the work of a mad scientist (Alkeshka to be exact) playing with laws that shalt not be crossed (video files in Audacity – blasphemy!) and getting away with it!


Hot shot Beijing producer (residing in Taiwan now) Howie Lee does it again – bringing his chaotic, ethnically flavored clashing of cultures and sounds – to the medium of film in this wild n’ out, landscape jumping, fever dream of a music video that’s finds our protagonist, Howie Lee himself, getting more than he bargained for in Xinjiang. ‘Swindled, beat up and chased on his journey in search of the holy sound of the Muztagata’ the video was directed by Billy Starman and it’s a stunner. And actually shot on location on the mountain, which is a part of the Tibetan Plateau, at an altitude of 5km. God damn.

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