MV Weekly: Nekroma, The 16th Floor

The 16th Floor 16 – Pool 

Beijing’s The 16th Floor, the post-rock band that’s been steadily building its sound since their formation in 2015, go straight for the gut on their emotional high-wire single ‘Pool’. A reflective, stark black and white Terrance Malick aping music video may not offer too much visually but when placed alongside the music, chock full of peaks and valleys of atmospheric tension before the inevitable bursts of catharsis, it’s pure gold. Drummer Zhao Siman on the images of clowns had this to say: “Clowns look very funny, but behind the mask are all kinds of expressions – maybe sad, maybe happy, maybe simply expressionless. Just like the present society, everyone is hiding their true selves, including us.”

Nekroma – Oss/Ocean of Eyes 

Beijing’s masked post-doom outfit Nekroma are back with their second mind-bending, genre-tripping EP entitled Asura and they’ve got two brand spanking new MVs to prove it. First up – ‘Oss’ which features the band and a whole bunch of other folks getting down and creepy at some favorite Beijing haunts including Temple and Modernista. Deviant fun indeed. Next up is ‘Ocean of Eyes’ which touches upon the themes of the album based on the characters and environments of filmmaker/artist Feng Xinrou’s dreams and features Asuras, superhuman demigods from Hindu mythology that are neither good nor evil. Groovy.

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