MV Weekly: Mirrors‭, Twinkle Star‭‭

Mirrors‭ ‬解离的真实‭ ‬–‭ ‬Within An Endless Dream‭ ‬

Because sometimes a psychedelic track deserves a ridiculously outrageous music video‭ (‬self-awareness goes a long way‭) ‬featuring‭ ‬mystical cats‭, ‬cosplay‭, ‬and special effects that call to mind Mystery Science Theater 3000‭. ‬Oh‭, ‬and why not throw in stock footage of Nazis‭, ‬nuclear warfare and other all too real things as well as guitarist Aming looking like a wandering demon of the jungle‭. ‬Shanghai trio Mirrors’‭ ‬latest can’t come out soon enough‭. ‬


Twinkle Star‭ ‬闪星‭ (‬feat‭. ‬Bai Yu‭) – ‬Twinkle In The Dark‭ ‬星火

Emo pop rock juggernauts Twinkle Star continue their reign over China’s pop rock genre with their latest single and music video‭ ‬– ‘Twinkle in the Dark’ which adds singer Bai‭ ‬Yu of melodic hardcore band Life Awaits‭ (‬and whose own star has risen over the past year‭) ‬into the mix‭. ‬It shows that while the‭ ‬band is sticking to their guns‭, ‬they’re willing to share the stage with the scene’s newcomers‭. ‬  

流行情绪摇滚劲旅闪星携新单《星火》mv‭ ‬继续光芒普照。这首歌由闪星与核乐队往生主唱白羽合作,看得出闪星不仅坚守emo阵地,还乐意和后起之秀分享舞台。

Translated by: Angeldust

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