MV Weekly: Dirty K, Saving Molly

Dirty K – Panorama

Taking its name from the unique natural landscape Panorama in Vientiane, Nanjing-based electronic producer Dirty K returns with a banger of a track. His first single off his forthcoming EP off of Shanghai’s Genome 6.66Mbp label, it continues the artist’s fondness of taut brooding futuristic electronica – albeit with a softer edge than what we’re used too from the label. Its true fun lies in the music video assembled from 3D visual artist Johanna Invrea who runs with it – weaving in and out of fraught and confounding CGI shapes and creations (deities perhaps) alongside live footage of landscapes and topography – all to the sonic valleys and mountains of the track. A trip indeed.

Saving Molly – Your Fault/Don’t Hide 

It’s been more than a few years since the Chinese metalcore band Saving Molly has hit the stage. I fondly remember catching them back at Dos Kolegas alongside a batch of other core bands. Well looks like the band is back and they’re not messing around this time – like a bat out of Hell they’ve dropped two new singles via Hotpot Music in the past couple months – including the above ‘Your Fault’ and the below ‘Don’t Hide’. No filler, no extra fat – just some lean mean metalcore. It’s good to have you back.

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