MV Weekly: Casino Demon, Nocturnes

A thirst for love and a quest for that new earworm – here are two new music videos from Beijing based bands Casino Demon and Nocturnes. 

Casino Demon – Hello Leo 你好,雷欧

Casino Demon have a self-awareness to them that’s downright adorable. That notion is front and center in their latest music video for ‘Hello Leo’, the second single off their forthcoming album (the first one received an equally dorkable music video). The steady groove ditty follows our protagonist Liu Hao (pulling double duty as he takes over singing duties as well) playing a female on a quest for love – but as the song observes ‘love at first sight may be just a carnival of one’s own infatuation’. These guys are pros in front of the camera at this point – can’t wait to see what they cook up next

Nocturnes曳取 – Free Falling

‘On a breezy autumn afternoon in Beijing we gathered some of our friends to show them our new single, Free Falling. It was the first time they had ever heard our song. This is what happened…’ That’s the premise to Beijing indie electronic duo Nocturnes, and as far as concepts go, it ain’t bad. Genuine reactions from all matters of folks in this fair city, it’s a testament to both the band’s songwriting skills, production and more importantly the spectrum of people who might enjoy the duo’s forthcoming debut, Codes Written In Lines, due out this in the next few weeks.

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