MV Monday: Wu Hongfei, Talin Tuya, Hormones, MC Daiwei


New vids to bring home to the family this Chinese New Year, including new music video for beloved folk singer Wu Hongfei, a behind the scene’s peek at the production of Inner Mongolian artist Talin Tuya’s debut with Jordan Thomas Mitchell, the latest offering of crazy insane from up and coming MC Daiwei, and finally a stellar performance from Chengdu-based The Hormones on CCTV’s version of The Voice.

From Zhaozhao of Residence A, to Li Xia of Li Dong, in the past year we’ve seen a lot of the scene’s most promising up and comers hitting it big in the mainstream through China’s version of The Voice. The latest scenester to wow fans is Zhu Mengdie of The Hormones, the Chengdu-based electro rock outfit which I had the pleasure of catching last October. Looks like the judges were more than impressed, and while many may argue The Hormones sound was tailor made for mainstream breakthrough, it’s still pretty inspiring and gratifying to see some of these rockers showing up hordes of fans and judges on a nation-wide scale.

One of Beijing’s most notorious folk artists Wu Hongfei returns after a very strange 2013 which saw the artist being detained for a bomb threat as well as releasing a dubstep drenched album inspired by her Dong ethnicity. So yeah, what once started as a whimsical quirky folk duo has morphed into an entirely different beast over sixteen years and frankly I’m super curious to see what’s she has up her sleeve next – the music video for ‘仓央嘉措情歌’ above is to promote her latest tour and upcoming album and by the looks of it she still has it. Check out her March tour dates here.

Up and coming rapper MC David has been building up quite the collection of music videos in the past year – the controversial hip hop artist with a knack for pissing off just about everyone is back at it again with these latest two music videos which feature lots of black & white visuals, cats, and of course Hitler. Cause why not – I’m really sure what David is going on about here, but I’m guessing he’s posing some serious questions. Or not. I like my rap angry.

Last, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the recording and production of Rock Brother, the debut album from Inner Mongolian throat singer Talin Tuya. It was none other than produced by Jordan Mitchell. Always cool to get a peek at the process, and all the ingredients that go into making an album. And looks like they had a damn good time as well. Give the whole debut a listen over here.

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