MV Monday: The Harridans, Li Yan, Gum Bleed


Cinematic lunacy; heavy-handed visual metaphors, and some good ol fashion covers from the heart, it’s time for this week’s installment of music videos including new cuts from psych folk funkers The Harridans, singer-songwriter Li Yan, and anti-establishment punk outfit Gum Bleed.


Li Yan, of Rustic fame, has been busying over the past year or so trying to shed his rock and roll persona that put him on the map. And while he has put out a fine amount of work since them, I think his work on ‘Zebra’ might be able to do just that. Taking the literal idea of a zebra and applying it the music video format works wonders here, as shot in black and white by Zhou Tiaotong. And while the dual nature of a zebra’s stripes may be a bit on the nose, Li Yan injects it with some genuine emotion (and plenty of pop swag). Plus, he gets to break out his clarinet again, an instrument that never gets enough love.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s something brilliant beautiful about the mad hat visual lunacy of The Harridan’s music video for their first single ‘Moon Tiger’. Director Ari Gunnarsson throws just about everything and the sink at the screen, and while it most certainly doesn’t make a lick of sense, there are some beautifully composed shots here. And slow motion – pretty sure the whole thing is in slow motion. Also, great use of disco balls – pretty sure that same one got smashed to bits this weekend at Temple Bar.

Covers are a dime a dozen these days. And while most try way too hard, there’s no denying the sincere appreciation of one artist to another, then Gum Bleed’s cover of Artic Monkey’s \’Suck It and See\’. First of all, it’s unexpected, particularly considering Gum Bleed’s extensive catalogue of socially conscience punk anthems. Second, just how stripped down it all is – shot candidly on a humid night after a show, there’s nothing but admiration from frontman Dee and bassist Joe. It’s all very sweet and revealing – which is about the best thing you could ask for in a cover.

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