MV Monday: Moxizishi, Hao Yun, Exit A, Good Sister


LeTV has been a hot bed for content as of late – and let’s hope the team over there continues pulling music videos from here and aboard and giving them their due. Here’s your Monday evening (better late than never) dosage of music videos from recent folk sensation Moxizhi, as well urban folk local heroes Hao Yun and Good Sister. And finally, a much welcomed return from electro rock outfit Exit A. Dig in.

Beijing-based Yi (that’s southwestern Sichuan) musician Moxizishi, whose recent debut Open Country is ranking among my favorite of the year, has just released this arty minimalistic music video for their single ‘Reborn in Mind (投胎记) – lots of shadow play, sped up film, and other cinematic tricks which get increasingly more inventive toward the end. Love it! And again, if you haven’t checked out the Yi artists’s debut do yourself a favor and take a thirty minute break.

Remember I teased a while back the upcoming film Breakup Buddies and the accompanying Hao Yun produced song for said film – well, here it is in all it’s entirely. The song ‘Dali’ is vintage Hao Yun – melancholic-laced urban folk that never feels forced. As for the music video – lots of our charismatic singer wondering around aimlessly, a Peter Fonda Easy Rider wannabee, and of course blatant promotion amongst the beautiful scenery. As for the film – murdering at the Chinese boxoffice.  

Remember Exit A – the other indie rock band with the capital letter A? Well, I vaguely do and perhaps it’s time to revisit them if this music video for their single ‘Utopia’ is any indication – a solid edged industrial rock song that definitely hints at the band looking to take another stab at the scene. Disgusting images of decaying food – check. Sinister plump figures in limousines – check. Lo fi warping effects – check. This is the nineties all over again. Not a half-bad song though – curious to check out their sophomore release come November.

Alright, not sure where to begin with this one – urban folk duo Good Sister have seen their star-power rise quite a bit – mainly due to selling their souls to Modern Sky. Sugar-coated folk pop for sure – but if you check out their releases this year thus far, they’re some genuine catchy melody driven tunes in there. But this is pushing it for me – ‘I’m In Your Hands – A Flower’ – between the ukulele lurking about, to the singers emotionless faces, to the baby pandering – this makes me want to go to Mao Livehouse and have some long-haired IT consultant scream black metal into my ears till they bleed. Nevertheless, check out Good Sister’s newest release Shuo Shi Yi Jiu – if only to impress that cute secretary in your workplace who didn’t realize you had a soft side. But seriously, these two look like just came out of the factory.

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