Mixtape No. 320

Life Awaits – Unchained (Beijing/智慧小狗)

Holy Mercy – SHH(Ft.DXKMUXE)(Chengdu/Self-Released)

Red Storm 暴风赤红 – 幽灵船 (Guiyang/IndieWorks)

Scarlet Horizon – Love Letter (Beijing/Modern Sky)

Hallucination 幻视 – 三途川 (Chengdu/Self-Released)

RTP GANG,ASTP叁眼怪獣,Rampage Time 猖獗一时 – 02 +愛の屠夫+ (Shanghai/畅觉音乐)

Horror Of Pestilence – Iconic Morta (Guangzhou/Chaser Records)

NAMHOKWAI 南鹤卫 – 线 (Guangzhou/Self-Released)

MODELER – Whale Fall (Shenzhen/Self-Released)

管制(U.S.C.R) – Undead(feat.张引)(Wuhan/Self-Released) 

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