Mixtape No.265


F.U.N乐队-生存还是毁灭 (Beijing/SAG)
Leviathan – Revenge The Throne Of Tyranny (Xi’an/Self-Released)
From The Red 红色蔓延 – Decayed (Nanjing/Star Cluster)
DeadTrees-The invisible (Lanzhou/Pest Productions)
Rampage Time 猖獗一时 – Faker伪装兽 (Shanghai/Self-Released)
An Empty City – Added (Guangzhou/Self-Released)
The Will On Kill – 闭目寻光 (Guangzhou/音果)
Bergrisar 山岭巨人 – War (Tianjin/PestProductions)
AwakeMountains 醒山 – 鱼贯 (Beijing/太声文化)

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