LBM Offline: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 5 (11.06.2015)


After riotous previous editions of Gulou’s craziest new monthly series – the Gulou Double Decker – which combines the kinetic electronic sounds of Dada and pangbianr with the fiery pumping hot blooded performances of Temple and Live Beijing Music – it’s time for a bit of the old Technicolor, with a quadruple dosage of electro rock, pop, experimental, and then some  – with new dangerous sounds from club bopping, K-pop twisting pop of Dong Dong Dong (the stand-up version of thruoutin), the frantic exotica haze induced sounds of Dizzy Di, the emotive, hypnotic guitar and keyboard duo Sealed Jar, as well as the long awaited return of electro pop queen Jia Huizhen, whose been busy in the studio as of late. Bring your tents, cause it’s gonna be a treat.  Meanwhile, downstairs, Dada brings forth the madness as cosmic acid house producer Mark Dwinell of Forma along School Girl Report, Kipp the Menace, and the Nasty Wizard Cult – a rag tag team of demented knob jockeys behind label Nasty Wizard Recordings. Mayhem up and down, left and right , pick your poison, it don’t matter, cause come midnight you’ll be howling at the moon.


What: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 5

When: Thursday, June 11th 10pm

 Where: Temple/Dada (206 Gulou Dong Daijie)


Sealed Jar  

Jia Huizhen 

Dong Dong Dong 

Dizzy Di


Mark Dwinell

Kipp The Menace

School Girl Report

Nasty Wizard Cult

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