In Pictures: Hiperson, Run Run Run, Bedstars (XP 29.04.2015)


Forcing myself to not film so much anymore as I’ve been backlogging the heck out of all my footage in the past month and it’s gonna take some serious catching up before I can rest steady again. So, I’m been playing ‘photographer’ more and more at these events and it’s damn fun. Was lucky enough to catch Chengdu post punk outfit Hiperson at XP last week and they absolutely killed it with a jagged, raw, violate performance that once again proves the band is one to keep your eyes on in the near future. Also on hand were Guizhou psych kids Run Run Run, who sound like Velvet Underground stuck on repeat, and the always photogenic Bedstars, who dragged in a giant neon sign from some dormant rooftop. Cause why the hell not? Check out more photos belowwwww.















































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