Gig Recap: Noise Arcade, Wu & The Side Effects, Agoraphobia

Some last minute wizardry of the nastiest order went down at Yue Space last Sunday – a day I try and try again to avoid. But alas, I was caught in it’s hypnotic web as it enticed me with evening lullabies courtesy of an intriguing, wildly diverse batch of bands and artists. Noise Arcade strutted his stuff, taking ample advantage of Yue Space’s fine bass – his most ‘rock’ set he claims. The surly bad-boy charm of Wu & The Side Effects, the blues rockers who haven’t aged a day since the glory days of Dos Kolegas. And finally, Agoraphobia, who I can’t recommend enough. There’s something massively appealing about their brazen emo rock aesthetics and their undeniably catchy melodies – a mix of noise rock jangle and indie pop breeze that’s hits all my buttons.

 I think with a little grease and tightening of loose screws, they’re going to be a band in high demand come later this year. Let’s hope they keep at it.

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