Gig Recap: New Noise 10 Year Anniversary (2019.12.08)

Seasoned promoters, New Noise, whose passion for music is only matched by their robust professionalism celebrated a staggering ten years on the scene with a triple-header last Sunday at Tango. First off, what a treat it was to catch A Place To Bury Strangers again – their ferocious, hard hitting and downright badass noise rock was the perfect wake-up call to a long day of recovery. Serious goosebumps from these three – an assault to the senses, a feast of distortion, guitar wailing, and theatrics that feels like a dirty back alley of New York City (or at least the New York I’d like to remember). The Notwist, on the other hand, tossed me into a state of arrested development, transporting me back to an overly romantic wistful high school student (I believe my brother’s ringtone for a year was ‘Consequence’). It’s hard to follow APTBS but The Notwist had more than a few tricks up their sleeves, stretching out some of their songs and injecting a little musical mayhem into their indietronica pop sound. The evening was capped off by Caspian who I’d hadn’t listen to before last weekend. Gotta say there made me believers. There’s nothing like locking into a post rock track – soaking in every detail and allowing it unfold before your ears. A hell of a way to close out the weekend. Hat tip to New Noise for keeping ravished music fans entertained and introducing a whole new generation of music lovers to some of the global music scene’s finest…

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