Gig Recap: LBM Farewell Show Prelude 告别派对 (2020.01.16)

The haze has lifted and the body is mending itself back together. First off, thanks to everyone who can’t out over the past weekend; to everyone who sent a kind message; and of course, to the venues and bands who made this possible and gave it their all. 

LiveBeijingMusic and Temple go back. During our first year, Temple Bar was like a godsend – a sanctuary for no-frills rock and roll kicks that wasn’t afraid to dive into the deep end of frenzy. A blackhole of disorder, questionable taste, unchecked temptation and the most uproarious late-evenings best left out of the history books. It’s the only place that I’ve actively tried to avoid time to time simply because I can’t trust it (or myself) there. Now that’s cred. My blood, sweat, and tears have been ingrained in the wood there, coffee shots still haunt me, and some of my favorite musical discoveries happened there. Temple will hold a special place in LBM’s heart so I thought it was only appropriate we kicked off LiveBeijingMusic’s farewell weekend with a dirty little number there – a red-hot, no holds barrel descent into the mouth of madness.

And that was just the first five minutes of the night as noise act S.T.V.S tore into their set with reckless abandon, perhaps a bit much so, as a trumpet was used to smash away at everything on the stage, including most shockingly the drum kit. Note to peeps out there – leave them drums alone – they never did anything to you.

After that madness was put to rest power pop punk heroes The Sino Hearts took the stage, ripping into their set with glee and mischievousness, as special guests filtered in and out on stage, lending their chops to the band’s sure-fire numbers. Seems their new album is already in the can, so expect to hear that in the coming year.

Rustic garage punks Oldy Baby brought some frenzied fun to the late night, throwing their weight behind their scrappy, roguish catalogue, and having a grand ol’ time doing it. Finally, the evening dipped into true delirium as ADDJ kept the tunes going until one too many coffee shots were drunk. So yeah, Temple Bar at its finest.


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