Gig Recap: Birdstriking, Backspace

Birdstriking celebrated ten years of kicking ass on the scene at Yue Space with a lovely retrospective of their career thus far, ripping into old singles (Monkey Snake) with dangerous glee (and the help of rabid fans) and even throwing out more than a few new singles (including the just released ‘Unity’) which boast the band’s sound to almost arena rock levels all the while maintaining their sincere noise punk roots. There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said – Birdstriking remains one of the most genuine and gut-busting acts out there. To ten more years! Also had a chance to check out Backspace who have been getting more and more comfortable with their new tracks – which sound all sorts of fun. Better yet, I haven’t seen the band so assured and confident in some time.- displaying a swagger that had the crowd head-bogging in delight.

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