Weekend Update 29.04-02.05


A special Mayday holiday edition of your weekend gig guide. While there’s a lot of you heading down to Grand Epoch City in Xianghe (just outside of Beijing) for Strawberry Festival (check out the complete lineup here) so of us will be soaking in the long weekend back at homebase. And what better way to reel it in then to soak in some gigs. Here’s what’s in store.

Friday April 29th


Cat Learned Dog, Lattice, Renegade, Death Penalty, Sophie’s Garden at 13 Club

13 Club picks up the slack this weekend with a hefty lineup of up and comers of all ilk – indie pop, speed metal, and charismatic punk as Cat Learned Dog, Lattice and more take the stage. 70 RMB


Simon Berz, Yan Jun, Zhu Wenbo, AKE at fRUITYSPACE

Unphased by the recent crackdowns in Gulou, experimental safe haven fRUITYSPACE continues going strong with a hell of a lineup that features Subjam and Zoomin Nights head honchos Yan Jun and Zhu Wenbo as well as Swiss drummer and sound artist Simon Berz. 40 RMB


Joker’s Belief, NZT at Hot Cat Club

Alternative indie rock coming at ya like a freight train this Friday as newcomers Joker’s Belief and NZT strut their stuff. FREE


Click #15 at Temple

Local legend, Ricky Sixx, brings his latest band, Click #15, to Temple fro some 70s/80s funk and glitter pop rock. FREE


Liu Donghong at 69 Café

Blues breathing folk-turned renegade Liu Donghong brings his popular homegrown style to the petite 69 Café on Nanluoguxiang. 50 RMB


The Swift at Caravan

Caravan debuts The Swift, the new project from the frontman of former Cape Verde and Barbados band Danadri, this new original project will put you dancing on your feet, and we promise it will be a night to remember! 50 RMB

Saturday April 30th


Casino Demon, Dr. Liu & the Human Centipede, The Diders, Converse at School

Converse and School join forces once again to celebrate School 6 Year Anniversary with a killer lineup that features two of the owners’ groups, indie rock veterans Casino Demon and hardcore punk trope Dr. Liu & the Human Centipede – one of the finest in town —- expect shenanigans of only the highest degree and inebriation plastering the walls left to right. Happy birthday School! FREE


Nova Heart, The Hormones, WHAI at Yugong Yishan

FakeMusicMusic celebrates a busy year and their new rooster which includes disco darkwave outfit Nova Heart, The Hormones, out of Chengdu, and WHAI. Big sounds and lots of swagger at YGYS. 150 RMB


Inxu, Macondo at Temple

Previously known as Illness Sickness, INXU is a instrumental rock trio with bite. Post rock with a love for metal, the group delivers bone-crushing soundtrack music that slays. Catch them in their glorious return alongside Macondo, a band that’s garnering some praise themselves as of late. FREE


Egopusher (Switzerland) at fRUITYSPACE

The Swiss drum violin duo improv duo who mix the two instrumentals with lyrical beauty along with the use of synth and bass to shock, tease, and provoke. 40 RMB


Guiguisuisui, Disaster Chat at Caravan

Fresh pop sounds and rock melodies meet undead art rock duo on this evening’s menu at Moroccan eatery Caravan. 40 RMB


The Peppercorns, Pacalolo at Hot Cat Club

Veteran electro rock band, Pacalolo, whose synth happy sounds are full of quirk join up and comers The Peppercorns. FREE


Lijin at Snail Club

Folk offerings this holiday season as singer-songwriter Li Jin takes the stage at the intimate Snail Club. 70 RMB


The Sound Sculpture at Two Cities Café

The Sound Sculpture, a crew of musician misfits who improvise soundtracks over various films, hit up the cozy café for an outing of ambient music laced with psychedelic vibes as they score live the original Count Dracula – ‘Nosferatu’. 60 RMB

Sunday May 1st


Onslaught (UK), Angelus Apatrida (ES), Ancestor, Tumor Boy, Alcor at Yugong Yishan

It’s the Trash Metal Music Festival —- so get on your trashiest face and get ready to mosh to your heart’s end as bands from the UK, Spain, Beijing, and elsewhere in China converge on Yugong Yishan for some rough housing. 240 RMB


Gate to Otherside, Lonely Leary, Macondo, Future Orients at School

Gate to Otherside, fresh off of recording their debut, bring their brand of psych indie-rock to School alongside talented post-punk rockers Lonely Leary, indie rock foursome Future Orients, and post-rock/math-rock group with members hailing from four continents Macondo. 50 RMB


Logic Control, S.A.W at Blessing Livehouse

A new livehouse? In Shuangjing? Say it ain’t so. Well based on this show hosting two veteran metal bands with enough bite to entice a crowd of kids throwing feathered pillows into each other faces – I’d wager this is a well sized venue. Intrigued. 130 RMB

Monday May 2nd


Not in Catalog, Alpine Decline, 工工工 at fRUITYSPACE

It’s an experimental hoedown at the new fRUITYSPACE as various performers including the new project from Zhu Wenbo and company, Not in Catalog, joins Joshua Frank and Tom Ng’s 工工工,a percussion band described as ‘an abstract folk music boogie’. Finally, catch a modular synth set from Alpine Decline. 40 RMB


Monday May 2nd-May 3rd


Folk Festival at 69 Café

For two days 69 Café, located in the heart of Nanlouguxiang, will throw a folk festival featuring a score of singer-songwriters including Nick Parsons, Carlo, and more. 50 RMB

Saturday April 30th-May 2nd


Dream Sonic Music Festival

Strawberry isn’t the only game in town. The Dream Sonic Festival will be underway this holiday and while it’s lineup isn’t as strong as Strawberry, the festival is located just outside at Yuyang International Ski Resort. The lineup includes acts like Nine Treasures, CMCB, Heat Mark, Mega Soul, Team Ghost, The Plum Trees, and much more — check out the complete lineup here.

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