Weekend Update

Must be getting a little uneasy about the forthcoming Chinese New Year, as I’ve been popping my head into more shows than usual – a knee jerk reaction to realizing the end is near. OCD much? Whatever the case, some of these shows are too good to pass up – take a look.


Trance hard rock – that’s the only way I can describe WHAI. It’s rave music for the rock lover – they’re getting at it this weekend with two shows, first at Yugong Yishan along electro pop singer Jia Huizhen (who, as well as WHAI may my “Top Songs of the Year” list) and Exit A. Interested in seeing China punk in its original carnation – then get over to MOMA where Underground Baby will perform and release their latest alongside electronic artist Dead J and Gan Jian. Rock gets emotional tonight at Mao Livehouse – though they’re using the term pretty broadly considering the lineup they got – hardcorers Saving Molly, old school rockers Old Fashion, and more, including Longway Band, Bucky Ball, and Disturb the Radio. Handkerchiefs are optional. Be void of all emotion at XP where electronic music takes many dark and strange turns as Zaliva-D, Tentacles of Miracles, Noise&Noise;, and XJBN crank it up. Li Yan (aka Lucifer) is back with his new band at School along with fresh on the circuit girl duo Lucy & Lily. Trouble comes to Jianghu Bar in the form of The Intrepid Adventurers, who have been hard at work establishing their brand of blues, funk, and punk all rolled into one. Things get international at the Hot Cat Club, where Australian Monesque is joined by Ukraine group Oleg Roy, Mark Burmack from the UK, and The Blaque Mahones – unplugged and loud. Lastly, you can always swing by VA Bar for soulful jazz courtesy of Kamila Nasr & Pierre Brahin, to Modernista for old blues from Zhen Ren, or to Blue Stream Bar for some laid back cutesy pop tunes from Mirror and others.


Pretty epic charity event going on Yugong Yishan people – to help contemporary rock pioneer Liang Heping, paralyzed last summer, folk legend He Yong is throwing a bash and bringing out some big guns to help raise some money – Second Hand Rose, Askar, Thin Man, Liquid Oxygen Can, Ma Tiao, Tomahawk, and Antya Zhang – that’s a mega lineup people full of true veterans, and for a good cause – read more on it here at BeijingDaze. A punks’ wetdream will be underway at XP – three highly established punk bands whose are true as ever to the cause, whether it be Gum Bleed’s old school anti-establishment rallies, Bedstars’ drunken Sex-Pistols antics, or Demerit’s visceral and vicious stage presence – all three have got some spunk to give, and I think of all nights, this is the one where XP finally starts breaking shit. Rowdy indeed. And if one bonafide punk show wasn’t enough there’s this – straight up anarchy at Mao Livehouse with Misandao, Hell City, Early Bus, Trash Cat, Discord, and Shut Up! – expect a lot more ‘oye oye oye’ and fist pumping at this gig – a mix of skinhead punk, ska punk, and scrappy bands getting it done. Over at Temple there’s WHAI, who I’ve already mentioned my love for – so WHAI for free at Temple – need I say more. The MOMA Post Mountain Festival comes to a close tonight, as Fan Xiao Xuan and We Are Not Invited perform. Some Maybe Mars regulars, Yan Yulong and Ho Fan, talented dudes they are, will hit up 69 Café for some experimental righteousness. Nearby Chiren, who have been all over the place lately with their personal and often humorous original folk rock will grace Jianghu Bar, blues rock troupe The Tore Down at the Hot Cat Club, and The Power Powder and Mizang at Blue Stream Bar. Lastly, Mako Livehouse will be presenting a Folk Music Showcase, inviting a whole slew of folk artists to serenade some ears.


Electronic music lecture and show with Meng Qi, famous electronic musician/synth geek/instrument DIYer/teacher of synthesizing. For you tech geeks curious enough to be wowed by what one can do with simple circuits and other gadgets Zajia Lab today might just do it – more on that from Josh over at Smart Beijing. Mao Livehouse just can’t let up, as they invite Gum Bleed, Saving Molly, Bucky Ball, ReturntheTruth, and SweetEscape, to show the life of core. Lastly, stop by 69 Café for something a little more cheery (it’s all perspective anyway) in the form of folk artist Sunny Song.

That’s all folks!!

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