Weekend Update: New Year Edition

Just getting over the dairy overload that was Christmas and looky looky what we have here – everything and then some for the New Year. Looks like everyone is trying to get out a last big show before we hit 2013. I’ll for sure be going out with a bang – let’s see if any of these shows will do the trick.


Four of Maybe Mars top bands will pay tribute tonight at Yugong Yishan to legendary the Velvet Underground, who have had quite the influence on the underground rock scene here – it’s a stinger of a lineup with Carsicks Cars, Mr. Graceless, Snapline, and Deadly Cradle Death all giving it their all. Over at XP, check out the Jingweir brofest with thruoutin (back from his mini tour), Arm Trick, Low Bow, and Cloud Choir – a satisfying mix of electronica, noise, and trash rock, and some of the most intriguing music in town. If you’ll looking for something with a little more teeth walk on over to Temple where avant-grade progressive rockers WHAI will be turning up the heat with a badass set of badass jams. After biking all the way from Shanghai and back, folk artist Liu Yusi will present his latest Bicycle Dairies in conjunction with some local NGOs – so give and receive people and make your way to Zajia Lab (read up on thebeijinger and cityweekends writeups). Mao Livehouse will be going old school tonight with some hard rockers who know how to utilize those vocal chords – Red Pirates, Jet Lag, Emitter, and Old Fashion will be onstage. Over at Dos Kolegas, rock through the night with Steely Heart, The Intrepid Adventurers, and Puss ‘n’ Boots (previously named Pirate Pistols). You can check out ambient improv electronics players Red at the Hot Cat Club, pop rockers Candy Monster and Early Bus at the Old What? Bar, bluesmen Eric and The Strangers at School, and some Mongolian goodness at Jianghu Bar with Mandula. Last, there’s also a host of uni bands playing over at the Blue Stream Bar, including P-318 and Screaming Kong.


No stopping the weekend! 2012’s Album of the Year at the MIDI Awards (among others), indie poppers Escape Plan (or Perdel), will be residing at Mao Livehouse for the next three days, raking in as much money and groupies as they can before that next shoe drops – three nights seems a little excessive but hey at least the sound should be good – expect guests. Over at School, Xiao He, the folk freak wizard himself, will be going solo for a night – expect the joint to be packed. Speaking of packed, punk mainstays Brain Failure will be going the unplugged route tonight with an acoustic show over at Temple. If you’re looking to dip your toes into what Shaanxi has to offer then get your butt over to Yugong Yishan where Hua Ying Lao Qiang, Blackhead, and Ma Fei give you a assortment of tastes, folk, dramatic, and ballads of what f the Shaanxi province. WHAI is teaming up with Jungle MICO and Acid Live for a dancetastic party at Dos Kolegas – funksters, dubbers, and rockers – this will be heaven for the night. Acclaimed folk duo Good Sister will be in Shuangjing at Mako Livehouse for a show. See Mongolian Ajinai as he faces off with a western drumkit at Jianghu Bar. Lastly, Australian folk hits the Hot Cat Club with The Fruits & Brian Breslin & Blaque or folk artist Hiroko at the Blue Stream Bar.


School gets the New Year bash started early with their punk party featuring Misandao, Early Bus, Gum Bleed, Discord, Ouch, and Hell City. Over at Jianghu Bar, Uyghur Jurat T.T will be bringing some homegrown psycho folk. Hip hop is front and center at the Hot Cat Club as the bar throws a ROW Hip Hop Party with a slew of guests and MCs. Lastly, Escape Plan continues their reign on Mao Livehouse.


If you’re still looking for where you want to be when that countdown begins, here are a few places that will surely be in good spirits. School is hosting an exclusive bash with a extremely fine looking lineup that includes Hedgehog, Steely Heart, Candy Monster, Bedstars, Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede, and Brother Tough – expect things to get sweaty. Over at Dos Kolegas, once again they’ll be bringing the cheer as DH & The Chinese Hellcats swing away along with Wu & The Side Effects. Back in Gulou at the Hot Cat Club, Fuzzy Mood, Glow Curve, and Velvet Beam are looking to help you ease into the new year with some rock and roll, while over at Temple things take a dark turn as Zalvia-D and Noise&Noise; hit the decks. Finally, if you’ll looking for something low key hit up the Old What? Bar where Lin Xin Tong will continue promoting his latest Heaven and Earth, to Blue Stream Bar for some folk courtesy of Mark Peng, or to Jianghu Bar where world musician Shivakira and laid back electronic artist Fenghao will bring you into 2013 peacefully and relaxed. And of course, Escape Plan’s reign of Britpop comes to a close tonight at Mao Livehouse – there will be tears.


If you’ve survived though the night and still got some love to give, hell no better way to start 2013 then getting out and about. A special Zoomin Night at XP with Fat City, Lu Xin Pei, and Little Red Tiny Little Red. Mao Livehouse ain’t quite content with the fact that we’re all still here and are looking to make some noise about it inviting bands Saving Molly, The Lifeless, Twinkle Star, Disturb the Radio, IBU, and New Tank to do just that – make some noise. School is taking things down a notch with the easygoing stylings of The Power Powder, Elenore, and Penicillin. WHAI brings their big sound over to the Blue Stream Bar, along with Red – a kicking awesome pairing if I ever saw one. To cap it off, Old What? is throwing an electronica party with Chuchu, Lilium, and Old S.


Beijing punksters Demerit don’t get out much these days, so when they throw a show they throw a show – welcoming them at Mao Livehouse will be Bad Mamasan, Jacky Danny, Los Crasher, EOTS, Strike Back, and The Metaphor. Electronic artist Metwang impressed the hell out of me last time I saw him at the Beijing Electronic Music Encounter – now he’s back, this time with an album release – check out the artist at XP tonight. Does the sound of Macao metal rock interest you? Then get over to Yugong Yishan where Blademark will hit the mainland with a bang along with Casino Demon and Sick Pupa. Finally, Xiao Tan Tan will be getting things folky at Jianghu Bar, while Life Test, The Fake Action, Pop Rocker, and Black Card keep things light and upbeat at the Old What? Bar and punk legend Bian Yuan (of Joyside) will cover Leonard Cohen at School.

That’s all I got you wolves…happy hunting – oh, and Happy New Year!

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