Weekend Update: Holiday Edition

Missed last week due to moving to the hutongs, battling it with the old landlord for our deposit, and other adventures in the real estate business, but I’m back to give you the latest this long holiday weekend. Every night this holiday holds something to jump into and wet your musical appetite. The M.A.D festival continues it reign of terror, Maybe Mars’ is bringing out the goods all week, and everyones getting in on the fun. So without further a due, here’s what’s popping the next six days. And be sure to check out the Calendar (newly updated for October) for more events and the Home Page for a post on the Canal Kirin Music Festival next week. Check it out below.


Part of the M.A.D Festival that’s been invading our city all week comes this dead sexy lineup featuring some of the top talent in town. However, it’s the visiting Shanghai band Duck Fight Goose that everyone should be keeping an eye on – future rock that’s inventive, catchy, and slickly made – if I’d heard it in stateside I would think they were the next hot indie thing (a trippier TV on the Radio comes to mind). Check out their acclaimed debut album, Sports, which got them invited to SXSW a year or so ago. Even better, we have both rave rockers Residence A, hot on the heels of an EP release, and white + , brining electronica to new levels. It’s all capped of by quirky French electro duo We Are Not Invited, who my only encounter with involved a bag of mushrooms, Temple’s sofas, Gremlin-style hooliganism, and a botched Thai exorcism– so yeah, they were awesome. Catch the event at MOMA’s Post Mountain Space, which is here (a little northeast of Dongzhimen) Hip hop finds a new home at Temple, where Norwegian-raised, Mandarin-spitting rapper Xiao Ou debuts his album (give it listen here) with the help of the local hip hop crew – Nasty Ray, fiftyfifty, Itssogoo, Emcee Heretic, and DJ Peewee. The Ghost of jazz legend Langston Hughes lives on at Yugong Yishan with Electric Barbarian, the Netherland eclectic jazz ensemble that combines elements of hip hop, funk, drum n bass, and of course jazz to pay tribute to the great one. Keep it black at Mao Livehouse with a slew of metal heads including Skyfire, Ice Moon, Precipitation, Nerve Resistance, Equal Temperament, and N & Y. On the opposite end you can crank up the pop to near Technicolor levels at School with Ocean Boats, Red Cash, Bailei, 7080, and Light Tone. I’d be more inclined to check out veteran rockers Hoochie Coochie Gentlmen and Radiohead-esque Lazy Camels at the Blue Stream Bar. And if you’ve been here long enough, Mako Livehouse brings back one of China’s earliest rockers Shetou for some fun.


Hard melodies is the theme of tonight’s event at Mao Livehouse, an event which gleefully jumps around from new wave with Steely Heart, to nu metal with Logic Control, to grunge with Pork, and Mongolian-infused metal with Ego Fall, all rounded out by Sick Pupa and Nubeer. It’s an offbeat lineup that I completely welcome considering a straight lineup of metal gets exhausting after a while (and repetitive) – when Steely Heart are on it’s magic, Logic Control brings the hardcore fun, and Ego Fall is a must see at this point – lotta potential here. Another freebie at School with the ever-satisfying lineup of Britpop group Dirty Little Secret, punk mainstays Soju Legion, along with hardcore group The Last Resort, and Chinese Modern Guys (hehe). Xinjiang flavored flamenco at Jianghu Bar courtesy of Tursun, and the MAD Festival invites Helen Feng of Nova Heart for an electronic set at East Hotel along with a performance by the otherworldly FM3. And finally, for those of you looking to chill during the day Genjing Records will a release party for the Underground Lovers/Dear Eloise spilt 7\’\’ at The Other Place with a hostful of DJs, food, and silk screening courtesy of Idle Beats (check out their interview here).


Rise of hands for those who like free things? Alright then. How about vintage markets, tattoos, food, and music? Yup, then King-Size China has got you covered. An all day fest of music, merch, tats, and good vibes at Mao Livehouse – there’s no reason not to swing by if you’re in the area. Emo rockers Tookoo continue to get better (check out this nifty video they made recently), industrial goth metal outfit A.J.K are about to celebrate five years of killing it, Saving Molly is just right for those looking to let off some steam, hardcore-style, and the rest ain’t too shabby either – with Penicllin, Twinkle Star, 4U, and Larry’s Pizza rounding out the lineup. Something for everyone. But for those looking to keep things smooth, I’d hit up School where R&B man of the house Gao Feng & G-Eleven perform. Over at Zajia Lab, wildly impressive Xinjiang rocker Jurat T.T has rounded up a horde of multi-national artists to perform under the name Dark Forest. And finally, for a little melodic Britpop head to Blue Stream Bar for Billow’s Fairy Tale.


OK, I don’t mean to tout Maybe Mars’ horn too much here, but come one, look at this lineup at School – besides from Carsick Cars’ who are prepping their latest album to unleash upon the masses, there’s surf rocking dirty motel sex duo The Dyne who are one of my favorites bands to enter my eardrums this year, along with psychedelic rock outfit Chui Wan who continue to impress and expand their sound, and post punk trio Streets Kill Strange Animals, who I recently professed my newfound love for. It’s an easy choice really, even without the juggernaut that is Carsick Cars’. And catching these kids on their own terms (instead of a lackluster Yugong Yishan celebration) is gonna make for a bangin show. Handshake Over at Blue Stream Bar, Handshake Records celebrates four years with a free bash where UK outfit Exile Parade will perform along with Indonesian artist Bottlesmoker and our own Elenore. Two top-notch Canadian artists, Ember Swift and Don Ross will share the stage at Jianghu Bar, while over at Mao Livehouse things get dim as Nordic trash metal gods Antagonist Zero and Dead Shape Figure bring forth the hellfire. Finally, for those looking for a late one, electronic music innovator FM3 will perfrom a midnight session at Zajia Lab as part of their Midnight Series.


Post punk outfit P.K.14 has been on the road nonstop for the past month after releasing their critically acclaimed album 1984 – tonight they return to their home for what promises to be a rager of a show at Yugong Yishan. Another dude who just got back from a tour as well, though one in Europe, is Tulegur Gangzi, who makes Mongolian folk music with a rock n roll flourishes and is quite skillful in the art of throat-singing – he’ll be at the cozy Gulou corner digs Blue Stream Bar for a performance. Not a bad way to take it easy this holiday. And lastly, Britpop is the name of the game at School where Dirty Little Secret, LGentlemen, Penicillin, and Thousands of Public perform.


Let’s hear it for the unsung hero that is the Old What? Bar – it deserves all the love it can get and and old school punk is the biggest bear hug of them all – Discord and Soju Legion bring the rambunctious love tonight. New Order worshippers, drunkard punksters, and jamtastic psychedelic head gamers join forces at School in the from of The Big Wave, Bedstars, and Xin Ma You Jiang. Much admired folk singer-songwriter Li Xin Tong stops by the Blue Stream Bar for a performance, while for a little pop flavoring check out Collison Dreamer, CD Box, Lifetest, and F.M.E at Mao Livehouse.


Pussy Power! Yes, subtle we are not – Mao Livehouse hosts a slew of hard hitting, beer swigging good time bands including Los Crasher, Bedstars, Hell City, The Flyx, and Chinese Modern Guys. Post punk foursome with a screamo heart Yantiao hit up the Old What? Bar, while at School girls have all the fun as 16 mins, Time Street, River, and Montoffee perform.

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