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And like that it’s March and as we all know March likes going all out – just check out how stacked that son of a bitch is – not a dry weekend in sight. Let’s get right into it. Plenty of pickings, including an album and EP release from Carsick Cars and Life Journey, the return of one-man trash blues machine Guiguisuisui, a stellar weekend at Mao Livehouse, and the return of School’s \’Drunk Is Beautiful’ series. Don’t overdo it kids. More below.

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In case you live under a rock, indie noise rockers and hailed ambassadors of Chinese rock and roll, Carsick Cars, are locked and ready to release their third full length album, 3 (which you can stream right now) at Yugong Yishan which theu intend to turn into a cathartic mosh pit of youthful joy – psychedelic rock outfit Chui Wan, whose orchestra mix of violin, Middle Eastern vibes, and sensual offbeat tempos open – knowing Maybe Mars, they’re going to want to throw down big on this one. Mao Livehouse brings out a stellar lineup that’s solid to the core – no wave rockers Steely Heart who when on are simply electrifying, Pacalolo, a KTV night on the town gone haywire with gloriously retro beats, dark indie rockers Fuzzy Mood who can pack quite a wallop when called upon, and finally, Residence A, who continue to surprise with their ever ever-expanding indie rock sound. So yeah, what’s not to love. Over at School, punks reigns sumpreme as Discord, Soju Legion, Ja Jatone, and Drink perform. Down south at Mako Livehouse, jazz, alchemy, and folk tunes from the dark side of the moon as Dark Forest, Jenni Hanikka & Hanna Jarvi, Daniel Taylor, and the Beijing Alchemists perform. Meanwhile, grunge fanatics Mud & Lotus play at the Old What? Bar while singer-songwriter Liu Yusi gives an intimate performance at 69 Café, and old time bluesmen Zhenren perform at Jianghu Bar.



Dann Gaymer, aka Guiguisuisui, aka that dude who wears clown makeup and a cape, jumping around stage like a madmen wailing on his makeshift skateboard guitar and hacked gameboy, yeah that guy – returns to Beijing after an extensive two month tour around China and Southeast Asia and he’s wants to throw a bash over at XP where he’ll be playing alongside dystopian fuzz rock duo Alpine Decline, and Zoomin Night experimental spearheaders Xiao Hong & Xiao Xiao Hong. Indie pop darlings Life Journey, who just released their latest cropping of sweet, adorably catchy tunes, which turn me into a fifteen-year-old high school girl bing their early 60s Beatles loose and honeyed pop spirit to Yugong Yishan. The ‘Drunk is Beautiful’ series to School returns with slurry punks Bedstars, Britpop kids Secret Club and two bands who play all too rarely The Molds and Dr. Liu, whose Jesus and Mary Chain punk and polarizing, amplified, hardcore both simply demand attention. Skate punk faces off against hardcore at Mao Livehouse as Saving Molly joins Larry’s Pizza, Return The Truth, Candy Monster, xxneverhappenedxx, and Next Band for some fun. Over at the Old What?, punk favorites The Diders wild out alongside Soju Legion. Catch R & B enthusiast Gao Feng & G-Eleven at VA Bar, folk outfit Guonian at Jianghu Bar, and finally for you late owls, head over to Zajia Lab for a midnight special where Sun Shaokun and Among present a multi-media visual musical performance.



Take it easy with some free folk tunes courtesy of Li Xintong at School or jazz with the Zhang Yang Jazz Group at Jianghu Bar. And for those looking to spice up their day, hit up Mao Livehouse to catch Longjin, Temple, Idiot, Jojo, and more rock it.

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