Weekend Update

February is turning into quite the clusterfuck of a month, so just bear with me. With everyone’s work schedule settling into its dreary routine, it’s time to get back into the escape that is live music in this dusty capital. Here’s a few events about town that’ll surely ease the pain. And please, no more friggin birthdays. Check the calendar for more.


Ningxia folk rock outfit Buyi, simply one of the most consistent acts in town, bring their passionate hard hitting rock and roll that manages to pack more raw power and emotional into a single song than other bands’ entire catalogues this evening to Temple. Head over to 69 Café where two very talents dudes, Jurat T.T, whose Xinjiang flavored psychedelic rock has caught a many ears and Daniel Taylor, whose freak folk is beginning to receive much earned recognition (check it), grabbing a guitar and piano and jamming out for the evening – the possibilities are endless, which is why this might just be the sleeper gig of the weekend. A eclectic group of hard rockers, metal heads, and pitch blackers gather at Mao Livehouse including A.J.K , Gumbleed, Maya, Black Mint, and Skyfire. Indie poppers Montage bring the good times to School with their guitar-driven off-the-cusp melodic britpop. Finally, catch Mongolian singer-songwriter Gangzi at Blue Stream Bar, the Ah-Q Jazz Orchestra at Jianghu Bar and newly formed outfits Disaster Chat and Storm 77-69 at VA Bar.


In terms of quality and quantity, School is rocking both tonight as house bands The Diders and Bedstars come out to play along with garage rock duo Heat Mark (whose demo has enough spunk that they might just be onto something good here) and britpop enthusiasts, Secret Club, Thousand of Public, and L-Gentlemen. Guoan fans are pretty insane – a mix of pre-Red Sox championship vanquished love, half-assed European hooliganism, and good ol’ fashion passion for one’s city. What better way to view this demographic than joining them for a night of musical mayhem which brings together oh! punks Misandao, emo skate punks Larry’s Pizza, Hell City, Life Test, Ci Qin, MC Big Dog, Xiaowei, and more at Mao Livehouse for a Guoan Bash! Dusty folk rock outfit Liu Donghong & Sand look to kick up a storm at Blue Stream Bar, while over at 69 Café jazz popstress Dimo brings the goods. And finally, two sets of dopplegangers tonight – the Beijing Beatles will love you yeahh yeahh yeahhh at Temple and The Beijing Dead will get by over at Jianghu Bar.


The bass – the unsung hero and butt of the joke when it comes to bands. Well, tonight, the bassists will take back the night as Shigeta Shinsuke – an entirely bass improv trio that’ll be playing at Blue Stream Bar. I have no idea what that means but perhaps this nifty little poster has an idea was in store. Yeah, expecting goofiness galore at this one. If that doesn’t float your boat, head on over to Jianghu Bar for some folk pop courtesy of Zao Yaoban.

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