Weekend Update

Our first real week back from CNY and I couldn’t be happier to get back out there – jump over to the calendar to see how the month is stacking up. Not too shabby – looks like the festive spirit is still in the air. Wait, no, that’s just firework residue.


The 5th Rock and Roll Spring Festival Anniversary gets underway at Tango tonight and it promises to be a epic party chalk full of local talent including heavyweights Paradise, Ordnance, Buyi, Face, as well as a slew of other steallar acts such as OOC, Misandao, Iron Kite, Lao Liu & Sand, Li Mo, Summer Tribe, and much much more. If you don’t have the stamina for that then I’d head over to Mao Livehouse where a killer lineup awaits including acclaimed indie rock group Residence A, post rock math kids Glow Curve, new wave rockers Bye Bye Noise, britpop darlings Penicillin, old school rock outfit Los Crasher, and chick rockers Miss Mix. Local international blues group Chicago Brothers have been kicking up dust around town for some time now and now they have the goods to show or it as they release their latest album tonight at Jianghu Bar. Earthy folk rock outfit Lao Liu & Sand return to the cozy 69 Café for a little action while over at Temple 80s rock lovers Era Rebels look to whip the crowd into a time wrap. Finally, swing by Mako Livehouse in Shunagjing for a little bluegrass courtesy of the Hutong Yellow Weasels and VA Bar & Café for greek music disciples The Hellenic Sino Band. Oh, and for those looking to catch rap group IN3 at Yugong Yishan, you’re out of luck as the gig has been cancelled due to ‘force majeure. Bummer.


Four top notch female-led bands look to take the spotlight this evening at Yugong Yishan, including dark disco rockers Nova Heart, indielectroica outfit Da Bang, electro popstress Jia Huizhen, and the ever welcomed swing outfit DH & The Chinese Hellcats – expect heaps of dancing. Over at Temple, trance electro hard rock group WHAI continue to kick ass and take names, while down the street at Mao Livehouse, all girl Japanese industrial pop group Gacharic Spin look to throw down like now other (seriously check out their live video from last time). Lastly, one can check out Xinjiang flamenco group Tursun at 69 Café, folk blues group The Beijing Alchemists at Jianghu Bar, and Tania & Tommaso and Lobo at VA Bar & Café.


Mao Livehouse brings back their stacked Sunday night lineups with electro party rockers CNdY, and indie poppers Time Capsule, L-Gentlemen, and Speed of Light. Over at Yugong Yishan, Japanese post hardcore band Before My Life Fails joins our own Saving Molly, Shut Up! Shut Down!, and IBU for some good ol’ moshing. Lastly, take it easy over at Jianghu Bar with jazz outfit DLB.

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