Weekend Update

Ahhh humbug….it’s basically Chinese New Year – not much left on the table folks but if I can fancy tempting you to come out to one (or two) shows this weekend then let it be so! DO IT! I’ll be in all my glory getting in my last kicks and so should you. Oh and check out my 2013 Mixtape – nice compilation for your last days of hell before the true nightmare begins.


BeijingDaze raved about these cats some time ago, so it’s only a matter of time before I take the man’s advice and check out alternative rock outfit Out Of Control (OOC) who have been hitting the circuit some time and slowly been making a name for themselves – who on first listen totally get my 13 year old self – righteous hard hitting tunes with a lax west coast funk that’s genuine above all else – catch their special unplugged showcase at Jianghu Bar. Punk reign sumpreme at Mao Livehouse, where the always rowdy Bedstars join new favorite The Diders, Discord and D-Crash for some no frills fun. Veteran hard blues outfit Dafay & Skyscraper return to School to give audiences a fix, while over at Temple, gypsy jazz group The Hot Club of Beijing performs. Lastly, catch David Colp at 69 Café, The Groove Collective at VA Bar, and The Fruits and more at the Old What? Bar.


So yeah, I’m been pretty much raving about these cats for the past week so I’ll keep it brief – School needs to make all their alcohol disappear and you, my friend, need to help that cause. Screw your bike charities, book swapping, and volunteer work at the dog shelter – this is a true cause and every available liver will be needed. Warrior status shit. Oh, and it’s free, with some of the best bands in this friggin city, including The Big Wave, Bedstars, The Diders, and Secret Club. You know where I’ll be. Mao Livehouse showcases a slew of up and coming bands looking to rock your world including Disturb the Radio, The Next Band, Dream Garden and Mama’s Mud. Garage rock and more at the Old What? Bar with new duo Luv Plastik. Finally, hit up 69 Café for some spicy Xinjiang flamenco courtesy of Tursun and VA Bar for The Country Gentleman.

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