Weekend Update: New Year Edition

Between Christmas and New Years the weekend is starting to blur into one giant musical binge – really gonna have to pace myself if I’m planning on lasting through till next Wednesday. Alas here’s the mega-lineup of what’s in store the next five nights. Check out the shoddy calendar for more.


Electro avant rock outfit WHAI gives their monthly performance at Temple – last time I caught them there was a parade of high school students dancing on chairs as if someone snuck in liquor into a bar mitzvah. Two of the town’s finest female folk artists, Wang Juan and Zhang Qianqian, join forces tonight at the Blue Stream to help ease your way into the weekend. Alternative rockers Muma & The Third Party led by the charismatic boytoy look to charge up the evening at Yugong Yishan with their electro-infused brand of rock and roll. Britpop is the name of the game over at School where V-Day and Thousands of Public take to the stage. XP takes it down a notch tonight with special showcases from Zhang Qianqian, Distinguished Youth, and more. Down at Mako Livehouse folk musicians from Mongolia, Kazakhatsan, and West China will perform including Dastan and Milan Buick. Finally, catch Xinjiiang rock outfit Jan at Jianghu Bar, Guiguisuisui and Daily Prophet at VA Bar and three local expat groups at the Hot Cat Club including Daniel Taylor, El Cuco, and The Great Plains.


Over at Dos Kolegas, three bands were know not to fuck around will provide a night of rock em sock em music from three very diverse bands including Residence A’s brand of indie rock that’s veering in U2-esque levels of greatness, Nine Treasures ‘hot at the moment’ pagan metal with Mongolian influences, and Devils at the Crossroad country-fried stoner rock. A bunch of pranksters have decided to take over my favorite Old What? Bar town including Little Punk, Low Bow, King Dziga, and The Great Plains there’s no knowing what will transpire – inter-band heckling, post rock jams, raw off the cuff lyrics, Mohawk sightings – but one thing is for sure, I’ll be there getting soused. Nasty Ray lays down the mic over at Yugong Yishan, where the long-time rapper showcases his latest material with a slew of guests. Alternative rock duo 16 mins. join freak folk artist Daniel Taylor at Jianghu Bar. JingFM Radio celebrates circulation with a heavy lineup at Mao Livehouse including A.J.K, Four Five, Remnants of Volition, Eternal Wings ,and Goodbye Sunset. ACID Live brings their charged performance to the ever upbeat Temple. And lastly, catch folk artist Sunny Song at School, and Gangzi Tulegur at Blue Stream Bar.


Down for industrial folk metal out of Changchun that’s evokes the saman lifestyle with some awesome guitar shredding? It’s a strange brewing for sure – but I’ve only heard good things about The Samans who will be performing at Yugong Yishan with support from Nower and xxitneverhappendxx. It’s punk heaven at School where Discord, Hell City, Trashcat, – DCrash, and The Flyx look to get rowdy and loose. Japan\’s top metal core band, Her Name In Blood, brings the new year to an early end at Mao Livehouse along with Saving Molly and MultiEgo.


Q Magazine and School are teaming up for two nights of stunning lineups – a bit overstuffed but hey it’s the holidays. Stuff yourself tonight on synth pop, indie rock, britpop, screamo, and everything under the rock and roll sun courtesy of Da Bang, Residence A, Chinese Modern Guys, Li Yan, The Reason, Penicillin, and The Big Wave – that’s a lot of bang for your buck people. Mao Livehouse does metal right, and as always it’s a hefty lineup full of potential – I’m most curious to check out sludge metal outfit Never Before and black metal group Frosty Eve who both have had some solid live releases this year as well Narakam who are held pretty highly round these parts. Guitar China brings local rockers Chiren to the big stage at Yugong Yishan with Teshurenwu supporting.


XP goes big this New Year’s Eve: as the promo states says each of these bands had a great 2013: electronic headtrip white+ found his equipment after losing in; punk duo After Argument released their first album and went on tour; noise rock trio Birdstriking stole back their drummer from England; dystopian rock duo Alpine Decline gave birth to a wee child; and the original D-22 synth-bass duo Hot & Cold return to their home for a epic New Years bash. And of course, mystery guests. Sounds like the place to be. Night Two of School’s dive into the deep end – tonight is pulling no stops – heck, just having Bian Yuan’s Leonard Cohen side project, aka Lone, perform is going to pack the venue – but when you add in the ‘destruction for destruction sake’ tagteam of The Bedstars and The Diders, along with Dirty Little Secret, PB33, Candy Monster, and Free Sex Shop, things will get ugly. For my number three New Year’s Eve pick I need to hand over the mic to Mao Livehouse who has rounded up a last minute a crazy fun lineup including new wave rockers Steely Heart, Residence A, punks Gum Bleed, metal rap group CMCB, 80s rockers Los Crasher, and Christian emo rockers Tookoo, and hardcore outfit Final Impact. Head over to Dos Kolegas for some swing dancing with DH & The Chinese Hellcats, along with WHAI, Redberry, and more. Or perhaps over to Yugong Yishan where Mr. Graceless, Pentatonic, Caffe-In, and Elenore join electronic artists Dead J, DJ Ouyang, and DJ KaR for an epic evening. Lastly, catch Taan Towch at Jianghu Bar, and take part in the hip hop battle unfolding over at the Hot Cat Club.

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