Weekend Update

All it takes is the addition of two couchsurfers to turn my place into a frat house – so my only escape this weekend will be tunes, tunes, and more tunes. Plenty to go around so let’s get right into it.


Here’s a show that likely flew under your radar – ex-Joyside frontman Bian Yuan will be releasing their debut album with his band Lone at the ever intimate Penghao Theater. Danish electro drum n bass powerhouse duo Bottled in England return to Beijing tonight to turn Temple into the dance-a-thon it deserves to be. Meanwhile, down the street at XP two up and coming solid rock outfits, The Big Wave and Hecate will perform while over at the Old What? Bar trash blues dynamo Guiguisuisui and post rocking The Great Plains look to tear things up. Get your black metal on with Dark Moor from Spain and our own Nocturne Moonrise at Yugong Yishan. Things get poppy over at Mao Livehouse with Caffe-In, Twinkle Star, Larry’s Pizza, 4U, and Ophelia. Finally, one can catch Xinjiang flaemenco outfit Tursun at Blue Stream Bar, hard rockers Red Pirates at the Hot Cat Club, and old bluesmen Zhanren at Jianghu Bar.


Grunge returns to its faithful home – Dos Kolegas – as Tianjin outfit Crash join two of the drive-in regulars, Nucleus and Wu & The Side Effects. Up and coming local scrappers makers The Diders join britpoppers Dirty Little Secret, Penicillin, and Thousands of Public. It’s a Shanghai lovefest at Temple as dark jazzy metal heads Death To Giants tag team up with producer duo Acid Pony Club to form Death to Ponies – check out their descent into madness. China’s first female rock band Cobra returns to the Big Red for a rocking good time along with local favs Nova Heart and Da Bang at Yugong Yishan. Over yonder, Qiu Shuang, Wen Jie, and Quan Xin of Mr. Graceless and The Gar give solo sets at XP. Finally, blues loving folk rockers Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen perform at Jianghu Bar, while The Great Plains can be found at the Hot Cat Club.


It’s a underground hip hop party at Mao Livehouse as N-Bomb and Tekken, Undercover, Saber and Spine, Krayzie Actor, Ji-Qi, and DJ Quaver hit the stage. Experimental improv guitarist Feng Hao performs at Zajia Lab. Heavy metallers Moonspell from Portugal visits Yugong Yishan for some noise. Rock it out at School with Canger and Haowei, or with The Groove Collective at Mako Livehouse, and finally jazz outfit Candy Salt Jazz Group at Jianghu Bar.

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