Weekend Update

December kicks off with a strong strong weekend – one that’s perhaps is too bloated for my fragile self – twisting and turning here just trying to decide where to get my fix these next few days. Choose your poison…


Maybe Mars looks primed to take winter on head first – to show everyone they mean business they’ve gathered punk veterans P.K.14, fresh outta NYC, along with Skip Skip Ben Ben and Rustic over to Yugong Yishan to heat things up. Over at Temple, the ever-intriguing Jungle Mico Project is getting its livetronica dub on along with DJ Oshi. Nearby Mao Livehouse is doin the unexpected – a bonafide folk show – with Song Dongye, Ma Youye, Erbai, and more taking the typically adolescent stage. Dos Kolegas is getting in on the folk as well, with Yumbi, Yellow Bakery, Famous Young, and Zhao Yi – that’s pretty much all I got there as it’s quite under the radar at the moment. Back in Gulou, DieelGuik brings traditional Miao folk from Guizhou province to XP along with multi-instrumentalist Andy Bauer – considering the venue expect things to get a little more experimental. Buyi just can’t quit and hey I’ll never ask them to – the Ningxia stallions will be at Blue Stream Bar tonight. Over at Hot Cat Club two bands I regularly pimp out – Dwaas and Perpetual Motion Machine will be, well, pimpin it as usual – a solid twofer that also happens to be f-r-e-e. The soulful R & B group G-Eleven give an unplugged performance tonight at Jianghu Bar – prime real estate for date night if you ask me. The notorious Mademoiselle et son Orchestre will be strutting their stuff the only way they know way – this evening at 4corners read up on them here. Fingerlickin’ guitar virtuoso Trace Bundy hailing from the US is touring across the land, and will be showing the kids how’s it’s done right at Mako Livehouse. Punks invade the Old What? with Dirty Little Secret and Syringe taking the small stage adjacent to the Forbidden City and lastly catch songwriter Liu Yusi play you some sweet ol’ meloies at cozy 69 Café.


Want bang for your buck? Want see some true sweat and blood crammed into two minutes – hell then XP is the place to be as Shanghai-based Pairs go commando on us, with their newest in tow (hear their thoughts about it here) – and supporting them will be 16 mins, Baby Formula, and Gum Bleed – bring your earplugs – shit might get loud. The Xin Qing Xin Music Festival deserves some love too, at least for the fact that they’re bringing over Shanghainese phenomena Top Floor Circus to Mako Livehouse along with Slap, Yu Ren, Yumbi, The Bricks, and Bed Dog – a eclectic lineup full of potential. Another band I’m dying to see, as well as being from Shanghai, are the weirdo, saxophone-loving, doo-woo, carnival of a band Round Eye who are in town with their split LP – they will be tearing it up at the Old What? along with Streets Kill Strange Animals – sounds like a rowdy good time. Or just fuck it – maybe you just are looking to get a move on – and that’s what Mao Livehouse is pledging by – and by the look of their lineup – Residence A, Early Bus, Nasty Ray, and CnDY – they should have no problem. Mademoiselle et son Orchestre can are a run – catch them at Temple when the alcohol will surely be flowing. The ever-diverse poet rockers Bu Yao! will be playing at Jianghu Bar, while a little ways over The Tore Down will provide some hard blues, and The Last Three Minutes will grab your attention with their offbeat rockin skills at the 69 Café.


If Saturday was too much too handle and you missed Round Eye – no worries my little buddies – they’ll be at XP along with The Last Three Minutes to let it all out before heading back south. Mao Livehouse is being generous once again with a free evening show – grab bag are always a treat in my book. Lastly, catch Britpop with Nino at 69 Café.

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