Weekend Update

Really you should take the weekend off – save some of those juices for the three-day festival but hell with that you\’re thinking. You\’re young, reckless, plenty of mistakes to live up to. Don\’t say I didn\’t warn ya. Check back again tomorrow – will have updates for these holi-days coming up. And be sure to check out my picks of the festival here.


The mad hatter himself, Li Daiguo, is gonna take it to everyone this weekend and believe me, you won’t regret seeing what he has in store. As stated ‘he’s a real musical polymath’ which couldn’t be more true. Using a horde of instruments (just look at his digs here), electronic gizmos, and even his voice at his disposal the man draws you into his web and before you know it, jaws are dropped. Even better, surf rock duo The Dyne, who musically abused me last weekend in Shanghai will be on hand at Temple to give everyone a taste of their dirty motel sex rock n roll, cause that’s exactly what it is. Did I mention both are dropping an record tonight? A fine trio of diverse ands will pack into Mao Livehouse tonight for some bursting rock and roll – including Fuzzy Mood, The Grinding Ear, and Rolling Bowling. For some of that old school sound, hit up  DJs Wordy and Soulspeak who are getting around to releasing their sophomore album, Let The Rhythm Hit, onto the public and they’re celebrating with big beats and swagger at Yugong Yishan. Li Yan (Lucifier) is getting around to releasing his latest, head to Dos Kolegas to see what the trouble-maker is cooking up, along with Exit A. Expat-led bands, Spider Hugs and Mouth of Wolf, with a knack for folk, rock, and everything under the roof bring their A-game to Jianghu Bar tonight.  Catch the psych rockers DICE unplugged tonight at 69 Café. A slew of young, energetic, eager bands swarm School tonight including Lady First, Overkids, and more. Lastly, check out Music Soulz at Modernista.



The blues-infused stoner rockers Devils at the Crossroad are releasing their newest album ‘Moonshine XXX’ and there are celebrating the only way there can. With lots of devil worshipping, heavy whiskey, friends of all colors and ilk picking up the mic for some high octane rock and roll – you think Temple gets rowdy on a regular basis – shit’s gonna be a crime scene by the end of Saturday night. For its three year anniversary School ain’t fucking around – this is pretty much a festival days’ worth right here – except it’s gonna be crammed into the tiny, rugged School Bar. I have no idea how they are going to pull it off – no idea – but the lineup, including electro rock mainstays Queen Sea Big Shark, relished punks Brain Failure, rockabilly champs Rolling Bowling, old school rockers Casino Demon, Candy Monster and more is almost too good to pass up. Or head over to Zajia Lab for another dose of Li Daiguo – are you getting the picture people? Genuis or escaped mental patient? Both? Tonight’s more of an improv night with some help from friends, including thruoutin. It’s free. Post rock burrows its way into XP in the form of Glow Curve, Lotusu, and Freak Party. Goth Industrial rockers with a strong female voice Fall In Sex (F.I.S) make a rare appearance at Yugong Yishan for some heavy hitting, sensual tunes – they will be supported by WHAI, who always throw down. Prasied folk rocker mainstay Lao Liu & Sand takes to the cozy Jianghu Bar or some earthy tunes. Celebrate with the Spaniards tonight for Saint Jordi at Dos Kolegas with a bunch of bands including Las Perracas, Mr. Freeman, and Redundant Seconds – last years was a hoot – expect more of the same. Metal finds refuge at Mao Livehouse with Nerve Resistance, Headline News, and more.


Catch some the festivals acts early this week. First, This Town Touring is bringing together Dutch rockers Lesoir and Monokino for a night of fun at Mao Livehouse where they will be joined by Elenore, Illness Sickness, and Twinkle Star. Or run over to Yugong Yishan to catch Taiwanese glam punk rockers My Skin Against Your Skin and The Hunger Artist – the former who have been receiving accolades for the past year. There’s always School where you can get your dose of hardcore action with France hardcore group Providence along with Saving Molly, Return the Truth and more. However, for a good ol fashion rocking good time I’d head to XP to catch Carsick Cars, fresh from recording their latest back in NYC, or to The Old What? Bar where Wu & The Side Effects will get down and dirty. Lastly, catch New Band at Jianghu Bar for some funk-infused fun or to VA Bar to hear the lovely ballads of Contrplans.

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