Weekend Update

Well that was quick, already March – when things start to really pick up. Full steam ahead for the next two months, with JUEs, Sound of the Xity, Wacken, and the final onslaught of festivals galore – MIDI, Strawberry, and Ditan (among many more) – wreck havoc on our souls. So keep your eyes peels, as those are just around the corner. One step at a time though – let’s get into the weekend…

\"perdeli2\" FRIDAY

Indie Music Store is throwing a two-night hoedown at Mao Livehouse – tonight the bill is folk with Xiao He, Buyi, Zhang Qianqian, Po Shang Cun, and Guo Nian giving what will surely be folktastic evening – heck, just Xiao He and Buyi on the same bill is enough to warrant a visit. Nearby at Temple, Shanghai stoner rock, metal, punk and plain ol’ fuck all group Stegosaurus will give what will surely be a mayhem-filled show as their promote their latest release – black tar electronic warlocks Deadly Cradle Death will support along with female-led Incisors. Punk of all colors at School as Los Crashers, Bedstars, EOTS, and Diders look to tear down a few shackles and stir up some good-natured trouble. At XP, atonal guitarsmiths The Last Three Minutes are joined by grunge kids Pork. Close by at Jianghu Bar, catch some world music flamenco with Tuerxun and guests. Li Yan (aka Lucifier) continues recruiting for his folk band, with the new addition of a Danish keyboardist – they will be joined by pop kids Lucy & Lily and Montoffee at Mako Livehouse. US pop rock group We Shot The Moon are making their first ever China tour to meet their overseas fans and give them a rip-roaring performance at Yugong Yishan – or so we hope. Lastly, catch The Beijing Old Dixieland Band at Modernista or Platanus and Lost Child at Blue Stream Bar.


Day Two of Indie Music Store’s celebration brings the indie pop goodness to Mao Livehouse – clamoring girls, tights jeans, and long sweeping hair – it’ll all be there as Escape Plan, Life Journey (two guilty pleasures of mine I must admit), Fuzzy Mood, Elenore, Platanus, and Cha Liang Fen perform long into the night with sweet melodies. If you to get as far away from that as possible then you’ll feel right at home at School where two of the most crazily talented bands in town, white+ and Snapline perform their brand of fever dream pulse-racing electronic music and minimalist dystopian post-punk. Dos Kolegas is back in business as their monthly reggae bash brings One Drop to Liangmaqiao for some good vibes. The Last Three Minutes continue to show off the goods – tonight they can be found at the Old What? Bar. Blues and electronic folk invades the Blue Stream Bar in the form of Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen and Red while funk and The Groove Collective digs its way into Jianghu Bar’s cozy setting. Lastly, say farewell to Rudra’s Sage and his sitar at 69 Café and rock out with the Beijing Beatles at Temple.



A fine relaxed evening  – then head to Blue Steam Bar to see folk artist Wang Juan impress with her lovely voice and melodies. And if that alcohol hasn’t seeped its way out yet head to School for their grunge night with a slew of bands including Speed Limit 80, The Pace of Time, Drunkard, and more. And one more update, which BeijingDaze clued me in on, Mao Livehouse will have a free evening show with Tengger Cavalry, Saving Molly, Summer Tribe, Time Street, and AntiTune – it\’s free people! Worth it just to see Cavalry.

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