Weekend Update

After a week of Yang Rou Pao Mo and mountain trekking in Xian, its back to reality folks. And though fireworks are still crackling in the distance, live music is slowly filling the air again. What does the first post-Chinese New Year week have in store?


Hard rock group Devils at the Crossroads has been causing a ruckus all over town the past couple months – join them at Temple tonight to see what you’ve been missing. Not heavy enough for you, well then head over to 13 Club for their DIMEFEST featuring Dustfall, Never Before, Beyond Redemption, Forced Pose, and others (I love typing band names like these). Hot Cat Club will be bringing some new enery folk with the help of Mayu Yang and others. You can also catch more folk with Liu Dongming over at Blue Stream Bar. And finally hard-working homegrown blues band Dafay and Skyscraper take over Jianghu Bar (they also play the next two nights as well…hard-working indeed).


Yaaa! Bob Marley Day. Toke up over at Yugong Yishan, who are bringing Jamiaican group Abijah with support from Beijing’s own Mitabe. Temple also joins in on the fun with a learn reaggae love from Shaddi. Old What? Bar is back in business – head over there to rock out with new comers Distrub the Radio, Anti-Tune, and Beetle Fortress (not sure bout’ that last name). Hot Cat Club is throwing a Neo Electro Party courtesy of the Workman. Mako Livehouse hopes to keep the groove going as it holds a MC Battle with some of the jing’s finest wordsmiths. Over at Gulou 121 things slow down with a little folk from Da Yang. And finally, expect the unexpected at the Zaija Lab when the Zen band and Acupunture records’ own DJ Weng Weng put on a show.


Punkers Anti-Tune play another show at Gulou 121 tonight. And finally, Sunny Song continues to try to add a little warmth to these cold days, this time at Blue Stream Bar.  

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