Weekend Update

Looks like things are back in full swing fellow Beijingers, and if the last week was any indication, winter might finally be on its last legs – lets get right into the upcoming weekend of nonstop no nonsense music ready to be bestowed upon you.

Let CAssette spice up your Friday


New York hardcore group Backtrack hopes to turn Mao Livehouse into a moshing orgy – shouldn’t be too hard when you have backup from Unregenerate Blood and Return of the Truth. Dark, brooding rock group (with touches of electronica) Exit A debut their self-titled album at Yugong Yishan. CAssette, who impressed the hell out of me a month back, plays alongside Mr. Freeman’s laid-back musings at the Blue Stream Bar. Italian garage rockers The Barbacans take over the Old What? Bar, with Discord and GumBleed. Hard at work Fuzzy Mood play alongside Trouble Trouble at the Hot Cat Club. Local favorites Buyi are at it again, catch them at Jianghu Bar. Stoner rock finds it’s home in Wudaoku tonight as Not There and the Devils at the Crossroad play at 13 Club. And if that wasn’t enough, you can always take it easy with the Beijing Beatles at Temple or with Skyscraper at Gulou 121. And don’t forget, legendary DJ and producer Sven Vath will keep the party going till late at Tango.

Billow’s Fairy Tale get intimate this Saturday


While the whole world heads to the ONE Club to catch Calvin Harris (really?), there’s plenty of rocking out to do within the two rings. In Gulou, Mao Livehouse will host a slew of young rockers slowly making a name for themselves including TooKoo, Fuzzy Mood, New Tank, and Perpetual Motion Machine, among others. And it looks like Perpetual Motion Machine (who are pretty damn fly) are doing double duty tonight as they will be opening for those Italians again, The Barbacans at Temple. One show ain’t enough for Fuzzy Mood either as they join Pork and Trouble Trouble over at the Old What? Bar. Hubei folkster Dongzi will grace those who set up Jianghu Bar with his talents. China’s answer to Coldplay (in a good way…if that’s possible) – Billow’s Fairy Tale will swoon those at Blue Stream Bar with Big Fish. Reggae-funk fusion group Longjin will join forces with DJ Zhiqi at Zajia Lab. Lastly, head to Yugong Yishan to catch Acid Live for their Miles Davis Tribute.


Get your tight jeans out and rock out with these boys at Mao LivehouseFlaming Heat, Jacky Danny, Pirate Pistol, and more. And if you want to take it slow, join Zhu Jiaming at Jianghu Bar for some easy-going melodies.

Don’t forget to check out beijingdaze.com and beijinggigguide.com for their picks of the week. I leave you with Perpetual Motion Machine doing what they do best. Enjoy!


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