Weekend Update

Now this is my kind of weekend. Luckily I’ve committed to two shows already, like ‘I’m staring at the tickets now’ committed, or else I would be beating myself up trying to make plans. Yet that still leaves Friday open, which is jam-packed with decisions. Time to start pacing I suppose.

Believe me, I’m as happy as the drummer for Residence A’s debut


Alright boys and girls, if you keep yourself within the second ring (and don’t get stuck at Sanlitun), then you really can’t go wrong. Mao Livehouse hosts a rag-tag team of laid back bands, grooveable Longjin, happy go lucky Candy Monster, with Xiao N and Platanus. Over at Temple, legendary status rockers Buyi it with support from Zuan. Behind the drum tower, Zaijia Lab continues to experiment with potentially strong controptions, this time Bruce Gremo, Li Tieqiao and Mengqi. The Red Pirates and ‘on-my-radar’ Chaos play at the Hot Cat Club. Over at Yugong Yishan Leejoy Thornhill (of Prodigy) will keep the beat going – my guess is, lots of dubstep. Head south to the Old What? Bar to catch Perpetual Motion Machine, Trouble Trouble, and White Bread (which as you might have guessed is made up of white bread Americans). Finally, if you live in Wudaoku, theen don’t fret – 13 Club gots you covered with Finger Gun, and other fresh rockers.

Skip Skip Ben Ben on a hot streak


Around last year this time The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s latest Belong was on constant replay – lots of good times my ex-roommate and I had with that. So it’s only appropriate we let the nostalgic-invoking noise pop take over our Saturday night at Yugong Yishan. And better yet, they have my new favs Skip Skip Ben Ben opening. If everyone is looking for something on the quieter side, then look no further than Zaijia Lab who are pairing grasslands-invoking Aijinai and DJ Li WenXin. Mao Livehouse is going all the back to the 80s for inspiration as it brings in fun in the shape of Flaming Heat, Jacky Danny, Kick Ass, Devils at the Crossroads, and Los Crasher. Nearby at Temple, rockabilly resident band Rolling Bowling hopes to keep things, well, rolling. Lone (of Joyside) and Lucifer (of Rustic) play another low-key showcase at VA Bar. And once again, things get loud at 13 Club, with Raging Mob throwing a party with help from Never Before and Nerve Resistance, among others.


After much wait, it’s finally here – after having a perfect track record in my book, Residence A’s debut album Wake Up From Winter. They are throwing down at Mao Livehouse with support from Me Too and Glow Curve. And lastly, Gangzi plays over at Jianghu Bar.

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