Weekend Update

Strap in everyone – we got a big week ahead….almost five straight days of music…so if you’re not sweeping those tombs (which conjures up hilarious images of grave robbing every time i hear it) then let’s get right into it…

Birdstriking all grown up now


The Old What? Bar knows what’s good tonight – Birdstriking (whose album gets better and better) take over with a little help from Low Bow, and more. Dos Kolegas doesn’t get much more fun than this – quadruple knockout of DH & The Chinese Hellcats, The Flying Mantas, The Beijing Beatles, and Rolling Bowling. Mao Livehouse to honor Aries…ummm, ok? At least it’s an excuse to get Perpetual Motion and Cassette together for some sweet old rock, alongside Dustfall and Whistling Chambers. Yugong Yishan is hosting Swedish melodic post-rockers Pg.lost with Sparrow opening. Gipsy out over at Temple with The Hot Club of Beijing. And finally, because it sounds ridiculously awesome, celebrate mother Russia and all the ‘-stan’s out there at Tango who bring Ghetto Dogs and Blow Money.


Mongolian folk rockers Ajinai bring the good times to Dos Kolegas tonight. For some good old rock and roll, look none other than to Temple where Devils at the Crossroads and Red Pirates will be or to Jianghu Bar to see Wu & The Side Effects tear it apart. Nearby at Mao Livehouse, some more Mongolian bands bring the goods – Dolan and Dian Fu M. Catch Section 6 at Yugong Yishan to see Beijing’s finest hip-hop artists spit. And finally at the Hot Cat Club, celebrate Earth Hour with Liu Yu Si.

Anyone else have a man-crush on Hao Yun?


Sound of Xity gets its jump start tonight. Hao Yun, that sly buggie, will be at Mako Livehouse with his melodic pop folk along with Shannon and Hoochie Coochie Gentleman. The top metal bands gather at 13 Club to compete for top prize – check out BeijingDaze for the scoop on that tasty pill. Jianghu Bar will host folk artist Yangjima along with Song Yuzhe, not a bad start to the spring’s awakening. And of course Buyi will be continuing to take names over on their home turf, Dos Kolegas. Returning from the States, Rustic will show if they picked up any new kicks, while they join You Xi and Trouble Trouble – sounds like a rowdy one. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, Hot Cat Club will welcome Sunny Song to the stage. And finally Sound Toy, who have been playing forever in band years, take over Yugong Yishan


The Sound of the Xity continues to rain down -they bring post-rock group Wang Wen to Yugong Yishan – it\’s BeijingGigGuide\’s pick of week and that can only mean good things. Mao Livehouse will be hosting a whole assortment of young bands, including Emitter, Poshangcun, and Finger Family. Closeby, The Blue Stream Bar will go electro for the night with My September and David Cui perfroming, while Jianghu Bar keeps things jazzy with The Taste of Soul. Over in Shuangjing, check out pristine folk group Low Woodworm at Mako Livehouse and if you head north to Dos Kolegas you\’ll be greeted by Whai and Skarving looking to have a good time. A lot of great metal bands converge on Tango tonight for the 330 Metal Festival including Suffocated and Bad Mamasan.

Pet Conspiracy knows how to party


Tuesday gets off to a early start with Mr. Graceless debuting his album at Mao Livehouse for an afternoon show. Save for room for Pet Conspiracy at Yugong Yishan who are being supported by We Are Not Invited. DUDE along with other laowai groups Lure and Christmas take their stab at singing in Chinese at Mao Livehouse later that evening. Dos Kolegas hosts none other than Nucleus and Wu & The Side Effects – seriosuly these guys might have to start paying rent there at this rate. There\’s plenty of music to relax to as well – Blue Stream Bar will have a folk night with such greats as Dongye and Liu Minghan, among others. Jianghu Bar will take it easy with Lawerence Ku and his bandmates. And Mako Livehouse is bringing out Kulu for some soft spoken folk tunes. And metal heads – Tango continues to cover for you guys, as they bring over In Fear and Faith from the US.

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