Weekend Update

The slow buildup to Labor Day weekend has begun so expect a lot of big names stepping out of the shadows in the coming weeks to get in on the action. And if you haven’t heard the Wine Fair will be underway in Shuangjing once again…pretty sweet pre-game to any of the shows this weekend. Blah blah blah let’s get at it…don’t forget to check the calendar for more details and check the sidebar for details on the festival during Labor Day weekend.

Chui Wan get their freak on


I’ve only had a little taste of the Pyschoney Wave in the past year and I’m craving more – stellar lineup tonight over at Mao Livehouse as Skip Skip Ben Ben, Birdstriking, Chui Wan and Deadly Cradle Death take the stage for a night of loud, crass, dirty, psychedelic, and beautiful music. Right down the street multi-talented Mediterranean singer/songwriter Abaji returns to Temple for the Brand New You’re Retro series. MIJI is at it again, this time with Subjam hosting a night of experimental music at Dos Kolegas with visiting Japanese improv artists Kazuhisa Uchihashi and Toshimaru Nakamurapangbianr’s got more on that. Long-standing folk rockers Lao Liu and Sand make a visit to Jianghu Bar. Interesting assortment of bands over at the Old What? Barthruoutin, Cloud Choir, Mr. Ray, and Dwaas, who I had the pleasure of seeing last week (check out one of their videos here). Working the venue circuit with ease Devils at the Crossroad and Reloadz play at the Hot Cat Club for a free show. Buyi over at the Blue Stream Bar – seriously check them out before it’s too late cause at this rate they’ll go into hibernation by the end of May. For punk connoisseurs, Yugong Yishan is bringing arguably the creation of punk in the form of Mary Ramone’s Blitzkrieg along with ex-Misfits vocalist Michale Graves. Lastly. 13 Club has a healthy dose of metal over in Wudaoku as Ready To Die, Bad Mamasan, The Lifeless, and more tear it up.

New Perfume take to a smaller stage


Do you know what’s close to the wine fair? Do you know where guarantees a good time? Dos Kolegas – with Skarving, DH & The Chinese Hellcats, and Mademoiselle et son Orchestre – how can you go wrong! Hip hop collective New Street release their new album “King” tonight at Mao Livehouse – should be a fine opportunity to check out hip hop in the city. Nearby at Temple Norwegian all-girl punk group Scampi, Dips, Chips & Campari promise to show a good time, while over the Blue Stream Bar, New Perfume bring their melodic pop rock to all ears present. Mongolian folk rockers Dolan play a show over at Jianghu Bar. And lastly, Japanese breakbeat duo Hifana take over Yugong Yishan where they’ll mix before your ears using nothing preprogrammed – sounds like my kind of set.


Wait, Lil’ Jon is in town…at Spark…geez, this can only be glorious – expect this one to be pumped with female specimens of the finest quality – head over to sendmetickets.com to grab those early. If that doesn’t float your boat, then you can always rock out at Mao Livehouse with Steely Heart, The Bedstars, and more as they pay tribute to Johnny Thunders (of New York Dolls fame).

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