Weekend Update (26/09-28/09)


And like that it\’s chilly willy – another funky weekend where you may or may not be working this Sunday depending on how much your boss hates you. Nevertheless, still plenty of action for you heathens, so hell with it – wild out. And as per usual, check out the newly updated for October calendar – it\’s looking mighty nice.

Friday September 26th

Though the latest album from Maybe Mars\’ house band, noise rock trio Carsick Cars, didn\’t set my world on fire, the fact remains – they\’re one of the city\’s consistently engaging live acts – always a blast, always a bash. Especially when you get them in the small smoky confines of School where they\’re be joined by dance punks Heat Mark, who are itching to prove themselves worthy. For all you electronic junkies out there, here\’s an earworm of a show – Shanghai Detriot-techno influenced electronica artist MHP and trip hop outfit Running Blue are looking to show us locals why the electronic scene down south is miles ahead of our own. Supporting them will be our own local electronic pedal magnet Noise Arcade. Ecstasy party at XP anyone? Digging these Douban-sponsored showcase lately – expect your ears to be doing jumping jacks by nights\’ end. DDC, which continues to impress, hosts popular alt rockers OOC for a special unplugged performance. Urban folk outfit Mafei brings his band over to Mako Livehouse while songstress Zhang Qianqian takes refuge in the cozy 69 Cafe. A horde of diverse rockers find salvation at Mao Livehouse including Final Message, 0190, Twinkle Star, Strange July, Rainbow Bridge, Recycle, and PB33. Folk pop artist Haozi swings by Jianghu Bar while the Beijing Beatles climb through Temple\’s bathroom window (wait, that was the rat). Finally, Icelandic producer and composer Bardi Johannsson brings his atmospheric soulful project Bang Gang to Yugong Yishan.

Saturday September 27th

Now you all have the perfect excuse to head back into the carnival of debauchery and douchery that is Sanlitun – cause D.O.G. is bringing you rock and roll to everyone\’s initial favorite bar hopping joint. I have no idea what JR-M Club is but judging from the pictures, it needs to be destroyed and what better soundtrack to destruction could you have then party rockers Steely Heart, Heat Mark, Pacalolo, and Candy Monster – expect shit to get surreal. The Riot! Series headed by fellow videographer Shanzhai Laowai, brings your weekend dose of unfiltered punk at School – curious to catch D Crash alongside The Reason, whose screamo antics kicks heavy ass. Also supporting are Bastards of Imperialism and 0190, two bands who have gradually been popping up on more bills as of late. Bring a pack of smokes. Looking for a folk rock band that kick all sorts of ass – longstanding folk rock force Buyi return for the utmost time to the cozy Jianghu Bar – originally from Ningxia, the four piece band has been laying the land to waste for over fifteen years and haven\’t slowed down a bit yet.Let your hair down for this metal-off at Mao Livehouse including Scar Constitution, Nerve Resistance, Yumbi, Soma, and Fengtian. Over at DDC, everyone\’s favorite bluegrass group The Randy Abel Stable performs while over at Temple Australian retro rockers Plan B give the good times. Italian double bass composer Nicola Lancerotti Quartet get their free jazz on at XP. Swedish post modern rock band, Electric Religions, with influences from the Chinese history, culture and philosophy bring their transnational sound to Yugong Yishan. Last, catch indie pop star Jing Wing at Mako Livehouse.

Sunday September 28th

It\’s Metal Day at Yugong Yishan — bring on the pain with this nation jumping showcase of Asia\’s top brass including Ethereal Sin out of Japan, Dark Mirror OV Tragedy out of Korea and our own Inner Mongolian metalcore slammers Ego Fall. Always great to get a taste of the what\’s cooking with our K-pop wielding, school girl outfit perverse neighbors – and on first listen sounds hard as nails. And even better, a metal event with, GASP!, only three bands. What a relief! Any excuse to go to Zajia Lab – experimental music trio DEER from Biel, Switzerland will be doing a live soundtrack for some wacky 1930s Belgian black and white films.

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