Weekend Update


Always a sure bet – Dos Kolegas Ningxia Night with regulars Buyi, Nucleus, Li Dong, Wu & The Side Effects, WHAI – yeah that’s a cosmic ball of rock n’ roll bliss. However, if you looking for a different kind of fun then Mao Livehouse looks to be the place to wild out – get old schooled by Demerit, Devils at the Crossroad, Bad Mamasan, Jacky Danny, and Los Crashers. Some top end experimental and avant grade artists are swinging through town – over at Yugong Yishan the Brand New, You\’re Retro Concert Series is bringing over Italian-French group L’ Enfance Rogue are joined by Ajinai, Djang Sian, and Matthieu Ma while over at Hot Cat Club, Pangbianr is bringing over Australian groups School Girl Report and xNoBBQx along with other local guests. You can sock it out with these indie rockers over at XPFuzzy Mood, Grinding Ear, and Old Fashion. Mongolian folk artist Gangzi plays at the intimate Zajia Lab. WHAI will be pulling double duty tonight as they make a pit stop at Temple along with DJ Micky Zhang. Get scrappy with the kids over at the Old What? Bar with Chaos, Little Inn, VHR, and Mujiangzi. Lastly, watch young bands duke it out at Mako Livehouse as apart of the Tiger Translate competition, with guest, Brain Failure or for some homegrown blues get over to Blue Stream Bar for Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen.


Screw the rain by getting down with Beijing’s premier reggae band Long Shen Dao at Dos Kolegas with Skarving and One Drop – expect lots of smiles. Tuvan throat-singing avant grade artist Sainkho Namtchylak is looking to cause a stur in Shuangjing at Mako Livehouse – read BD’s post on her – with guest Yunggiema, Li Jinsong, and more. Long-standing punkers Misando will be throwing a special show at the Old What? Bar along with their new stout beer – and it’s free. Pangbianr continues to host Aussies School Girl Report and xNoBBQx, this time at XP. The other import in town, L’Enfance will be bringing their bold show to Temple. The Nine Treasures amd Laoya bring their ethnicity into their rock over at Blue Stream Bar. Li Dong, whose album is still getting play on the iPod, will be bringing their album to the cosier Jianghu Bar. Fresh rockers Kick Ass, Pork, and Jia Huizhen will be holding the fort down at Hot Cat Club. It’s pouring metal over at Mao Livehouse as SAW, Strange July, Return The Truth, and more take the stage. Lastly, head over to VA Bar catch quirky electro rockers Pacalolo and blues group Mizang.


Slim pickings but Mao Livehouse is doing its usual Sunday goodie bag of bands – with ten bands tearing down the house including Miao, Laoya, Crappy Tobacco, Pork, and Speed Limit 80, among others. At XP, two of my favorite bands will be throwing down for their afternoon session – Me Too and Perpetual Motion Machine.

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